Goober the bigot thinks I’m “anti-family” because I refuse to continue being victimized

I’ll put this out here:  My problem isn’t (primarily) with the SOCIAL CONSTRUCT known as “family”.  My main problem is with CONSANGUINITY.

(Sorry, Goober: I just can’t help using polysyllabic  – er, I mean “Big” – words.)  Sadly, there’s just no way to “dumb it down” enough for you to understand it.

Let me make it easier for any bigoted trash who might be reading this blog:

Your “blood”-fetish is ridiculous.  I have more respect for  people who pretend to be “vampires” IRL, and drink each other’s blood – because at least they are openly idiotic.

Your particular brand of idiocy is common enough (albeit in an attenuated form), to be – at least somewhat – socially acceptable.

Quite frankly, If I took your “blood”-related superstition seriously, I would have no choice but to experience both acute and chronic embarrassment because of my “blood” relatives back in PA:

My (drunken, woman-chasing) “father”

My (enabling/emotionally-abusive, manipulative) “mother”

My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother

The gaggle of “half-siblings” in Virginia)…..

You get the idea.

IF I took your idiotic superstition seriously, I would have no choice about whether or not to continue to allow the aforementioned individuals’ antics to impact me, negatively.

Guess what?  Among many other reasons, I live several States away from them, so as to keep DISTANCE from their idiotic bullshit.

Now, I can understand why people would buy  into your idiotic little “blood”-fetish; it allows – hell, ACTIVELY ENCOURAGES – vicious semi-human filth to fuck up their OWN lives, and never face the consequences, because they can rest secure in the fact that they’ll be able to manipulate/badger/cajole/guilt-trip their “blood-kin” into suffering the consequences.

(This is also the gimmick at the base of so-called “unconditional” love)

At any rate, were I to take your “blood”-fetish seriously, that would necessarily involve reducing myself to the status of perpetual victim/prey   – to the most negligent and predatory of my “blood-kin”.   (Specifically, my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother, and his primary Enabler/apologist, my ‘mother’).

But guess what?  THEY DON’T DESERVE it.

My ‘mother’ was particularly brazen in her double-standards.  She was always obsessed (to the point of absurdity) with what they “neighbors” might think – so she went to ridiculous lengths to put up a good “front”.

The thing that i can’t wrap my mind around is: if you’re going to put up a good “front”, why not just DO SOMETHING TO ACTUALLY SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

If she had simply kicked the junkie psychopath to the curb, the constant stream of tantrums, theft, lying, physical/emotional abuse, threats etc. would have ceased.  He would have actually had to confront the fact that he was a morbidly-obese, chainsmoking heroin-addict, who could just barely manage to read at a 4th grade level.

But, no.  That wasn’t what happened.  Instead, the worthless anthropoid continued to guilt us all into continuing to be victimized by him, by means of exactly the line of “reasoning” you tried (ineptly) to invoke in the comment(s) I deleted.

The thing is: if “but, we’re ‘blood-kin'” is your only ‘argument’ – you have none.”

“But, we’re family!” is nothing more, less or other than the desperate shriek – the tantrum – of an individual who is (otherwise) irremediably fucked (typically, because their own stupidity has finally “come home to roost”), is unwilling to actually get his or her shit together, knows that none of their “friends” would actually tolerate their antics – and is counting on the (regrettable) fact that it is still possible to “cash in” on the fact that most people are still too stupid as to privilege “kin” other others – no matter their antics.

So, no.  to paraphrase a well-worn truism, “family” is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

I refuse to play that game.

I am also resolved never the stop foot within 100 miles of a certain section of PA – specifically for that reason.

That particular shit-stain can find other victims.





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