Another reason I find racism incomprehensible:

Here’s the thing about racism (specifically, the uniquely “American” variant, involving Blacks being “owned” by Whites):

The fundamental conceit “justifying” the enslavement of Blacks was the notion that they were basically sub-human.  Basically, all “Racialist” rhetoric tends to treat Blacks as a sort of near-human ape, which just happens to be more trainable than, say, chimps.

Hence all the fucked-up pseudo-science about brow-ridges, and “racialist” humor where Black women are called “She-boons”, and other ass-hattery of that same kind.

So anyway, Blacks were systematically dehumanized, and explicitly viewed as a non-human animal.

Now, here’s the truly idiotic part: by the “logic” of their own socioeconomic system, whenever a “White” owner raped a female piece of “property”, he was doing the equivalent of FUCKING A SHEEP.

This is what has always boggled my mind about racist trash: their entire ideology revolves around implicitly – or explicitly – viewing Non-Whites as essentially subhuman — but a significant amount of them somehow can’t hamage to refrain from committing the equivalent of bestiality.

Hence, the “need” for bullshit like the “one-drop” rule, and the “brown bag” test, and suchlike.

I don’t get it: slave “owners” were (at least by their own “logic”), basically fucking a beast of burden.

And yet, modern-day “White Power” pukes pretend to be morally upstanding?

I could maybe take modern-day racist trash more seriously, if they’re (ideological and/or physical) ancestors had been able to keep it zipped.

Quite frankly, I hope this post is “offensive” (to racists).  I am incapable of anything other than contempt for them.   I guess a fairly significant amount of it derives from my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother, but you know what they say: if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all.

Right, Goober?


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