My “mother” manages to combine stupidity and narcissism. The results are predictable:

Back when I used to pretend to “respect” my “mother”, she tended to say blatantly stupid things, and then get offended when we didn’t all just nod and smile, and pretend to “respect” her views.

A perfect example of this was when she talked about having visited a World War II museum, where she encountered some of the anti-“Jap” propaganda from that era.

Her comments on this demonstrate just exactly how lacking in self-awareness she has always been:

  1. She remembered the propaganda from her childhood.
  2. She (grudgingly) admitted that the racist caricatures etc.  were “exaggerated”.
  3. She also talked about some relative who had married a guy who happens to have “oriental” ancestry of some kind.  Mom pretends to be courteous to the guy – to his face.  (Part of her “keeping up appearances” schtick.)
  4. She not only talked shit about the aforementioned “oriental” behind his back (and about his wife), but chastised herself for doing so – on the grounds that “God” was probably “confronting” her with her own bigotry toward “orientals”, by having that relative marry an individual of that ancestry.

In other words, the (unnamed) relative and her “oriental” husband were both reduced to mere means whereby “God” could (unsuccessfully) attempt to “teach” my mother some sort of “lesson”.

You think I’m reading too much into this?  I don’t think so — not given the fact that my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother has always espoused virulently racist and vicious bullshit.  My “mother” is the proximate cause of his racism.

Of course, she fails to comprehend this fact – because she is unwilling to admit that there is any similarity to her bigoted opinion of “orientals” and the (equally bigoted) rantings of my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother with regard to ‘niggers” and “kikes”.

The only real “difference” between my idiot, heron-addict half-brother and my “mother” is:

  1. He is either too honest (or too stupid) to be able to CONCEAL his racism
  2. He happens to be bigoted against different demographic collectives.

That’s it: SHE (and my other relatives), systematically trained him to become the racist pig he became

Yet another reason why I am incapable of “respecting” her: she systematically trained her Special Little junkie psychopath to become racist trash – and is incapable of acknowledging that fact.





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