Obligatory “Kathy Griffin” post:

So, Kathy Griffin actually managed to become…..visible….again. 🙂

Here’s the thing:

First, the “decapitated Trump head” photo was just abysmally cliche.  The whole “simulated brutality against a political/ideological opponent”-thing was played out back when they used to hang/burn effigies of enemies:


So, no: the whole “severed head”-thing wasn’t particularly funny, clever, novel, or even that “edgy” (given that both GWAR and Snoop Dogg have basically done roughly equivalent stuff involving trump-snuff imagery already.

The thing that I really don’t get is: Kathy’s whole deal with doing the photo shoot was about (as she put it) “images that make noise”.  Further, she quipped that they should probably “all go to Mexico” – both of which statements strongly imply that she intended it to be “edgy’ – and moreover, that she was hoping for some sort of ‘noise”, in response.

Well, she got it.

CNN (a bunch of total pussies) terminated her from their crap-tastic New Years Eve show.  Pretty much every venue on her now-nonexistent comedy tour has preemptively canceled, and/or caved to complaints.

Moreover, she even lost her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty.

Now….her “apology” video and press conference were interesting:


  1. First, she had to already know that it was utterly irrelevant whether she/her photographer pal happened to “take down” the trump snuff-pic: once something has gone “viral”, there is essentially no way to “remove” it, such that it will actually stay gone.

The only way Kathy Griffin could possibly “take down” the Trump Snuff-pic would be for her to somehow acquire a nuclear missile, and detonate it at  a high-altitude to (possibly) cause sufficient EMP to take out the entire electrical/telecommunications “grid” over North America – which would *still* not do anything much to any of the websites etc. hosted from Europe/Australia/Japan, etc.

So, there’s no way for her to ever “take it down” – and she should have understood that fact.

Now, the “apology” strikes me as exactly the sort of thing you’d do if you weren’t really sorry, didn’t really give a shit whether anybody thought you were worry, but just wanted to put forward enough of a token attempt at an “apology” so you could turn it into a “witch-hunt”.

Which is exactly what she then did, with the press conference.

Now, Kathy Griffin has set up a rather clever niche for herself:

  1. On one hand, she is probably the most hated and reviled media personality (especially among Trump’s fanbase).    The nigh-endless shitstorm she managed to create with one photo, purportedly from a photo-shoot where the rest of the stuff is unreleased, is truly amazing to behold.
  2. Her “emotional breakdown” during the press conference (“I won’t have a career after this!  He broke me!!!”, etc.), can play either of two ways: either she gets to be a “martyr” to “Trump’s hate-machine”, OR she gets to be the embodiment of what Trump’s  fan-base sees as the absolute worst aspects of “Liberal” Hollywood.

Actually, she gets to be both – given that culture is so “polarized” nowadays.  There is no “mainstream” anymore.

Kathy Griffin has single-handedly managed to catapult herself to the sort of fame/infamy/visibility which *used to be* the norm, back when there really was such a thing as “mainstream” culture/media.

Kathy Griffin will be back – not as the (self-described) “D-list comic” with the failed talk-shows, but rather as a “Controversial” figure (think Jim Morrison or George Carlin).

She’ll be both loved and hated – but she’ll be visible to both “sides”.

Her fan-base (or whatever size – no matter how “niche”) will rally around her in a big way.

The “haters?”  FREE PUBLICITY:


Either way: Kathy Griffin is a fuckin’ genius.

I mean seriously: she “lost” a (throwaway) gig doing CNN’s New Years’ coverage, around a dozen (piddling) live gigs, and being the spokesperson for Squatty Potty.  In exchange, she is now the embodiment of pure evil (to Trumpistas), or the first real “martyr” for the Anti-Trump “Resistance”.

Either way: well played, Kathy, well played.





3 thoughts on “Obligatory “Kathy Griffin” post:

  1. Seeing as I’m a working class schlep whose opinion nobody in the visible universe gives a fuck about, I will only make the self-serving observation that if I had done what she did, I would be in prison for a long time. I wouldn’t even publicly threaten a wanted terrorist for fear some overzealous DA would decide to apply the law *exactly as written* and convict me of a felony. Kathy Griffin, and anyone else rich/famous for that matter, can go fuck herself.

    • Great points. Seems like “celebrities” (even self-described “D-list” ones) can essentially walk this sort of thing off, in a way non-wealthy/non-famous cannot.

      I’m pretty sure once you hit a certain socioeconomic level, nothing really has ‘consequences” anymore, in any meaningful sense of the term.

      • I’ve had a theory for a long time that once you reach a certain level of wealth, the system, the government, the banks, even the law, will guarantee that you’ll always be rich unless you deliberately give everything away and walk, but even then a celebrity can simply make a “comeback” and be rich again. I think that’s what that whole “ultra-high net worth individual” status means.

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