I’m either sentimental, or a glutton for punishment, I honestly don’t know which:

So, I called Karl (KA3RCS) earlier today.

I’ll be honest about my motivation with this: I am most likely the closest thing he has to a “friend”, or will ever have, at this point.

From what I can gather, his “lifestyle” is either utterly stagnant, or slowly unraveling:  shit job, which supposedly “wipes him out” to the point where he can’t even summon up enough motivation to go to the repeater site, or even loiter around in parking-lots, anymore.

Supposedly (I have no idea why), he frequently stays at the place far beyond his actual shift, ostensibly to help other people out with computer/electronics-related problems of their own, unpaid.

I have no idea why he would do this (given that most of his co-workers are probably at least as skilled as he is – which admittedly isn’t really saying that much).

Is he trying to be a “suck-up?”   Trying to ingratiate himself with co-workers?  One piece of the puzzle is that if he lurks at the workplace, he doesn’t have to turn on the air-conditioning at his trailer.

Realistically, it sounds like he has basically figured out a way to scam time in an air-conditioned environment, and “suck up” to co-workers.  This doesn’t really surprise me, given that his other two alternatives amount to: rummaging through the hoarded E-waste (which he describes as “overwhelming”), and/or loitering in various parking-lots.

His rickety shit-bucket of a jeep is even worse, still not inspected or registered.  He hasn’t been to the storage-units in over a year, at this point.  Medical bills?  My wife attempted to advise him on some resources which are typically available to those in financial difficulty – and he neglected to contact them in a timely fashion.

Bottom-line: Karl is irremediably fucked, and (as per usual) extremely bitter and depressed – especially about the fact that his younger sister (Julia) supposedly received nearly a million dollars (which would supposedly have been “her inheritance”), from the sale of some property karl’s parents owned.

Of course, Karl blames this state of affairs on the fact that “they actually loved her”, and supposedly always treated him as some sort of after-thought.

Dunno.  I do know that Karl’s (endless – and accelerating) run of (self-inflicted) failure has long since crossed from “mildly entertaining” to “just plain pitiful”.

In theory (if he can manage not to fuck anything else up), his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep will finally be paid off sometimes next year, at which time he will theoretically have (slightly) more money to sink into getting the shit-bucket repaired to the point where it is actually legal to drive it.

Of course, this assumes that the shit-bucket remains at least semi-functional
(which is exceedingly unlikely).

At any rate, Kar’ls “life” has essentially become a “cautionary tale”.

I don’t even find that funny, at this point – it’s just pathetic.



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