What if Objectivists/Libertarians admitted the truth?

One of the things which really hampers Objectivists/Libertarians is their (self-imposed) inability to accurately communicate their own views and values.

The textbook example of this is (of course), the claim that they support “capitalism”.

Quite frankly, if you have to keep reiterating the fact that what you support and advocate has NEVER ACTUALLY EXISTED, then you have no business (mis)using the name of an existing social/economic/political system.

Every time Objectivists/Libertarians handwave about how the trans-national corporate plutonomy isn’t “really” Capitalism, they are (justifiably) met with exactly the same sort of eye-roll which would-be apologists for Marxism get when they claim that the U.S.S.R, Cuba, North Korea etc. aren’t “really” Marxist.

So, here’s a few “ground-rules” that Objectivists/Libertarians could use as a starting-point:

  1. Acknowledge that what they insist on designating as “Capitalism” has never existed, and has only crudely ever been approximated.

How so?

SLAVERY and “Jim Crow”, for one.

The mere existence of corporations(whether notionally “for profit” or “not-for-profit”) and similar systems of State-granted privileges, for another.


3. “Structural” sexism (IE: “Gender” roles): the infamous Kinder, Küche, Kirche mentality which systematically served to freeze females out of all but (stereotypically) “masculine” pursuits (thus privileging “White” males – yet again).


So long as women were relegated to the “gender”-role of domestic drudge/breeding machine, they were systematically disadvataged, relative to their “white”, male counterparts.

So, no: what Objectivists/Libertarians claim to support has never actually existed, and has only ever been (crudely) approximated.  IN ACTUALITY, the “capitalist” system which actually exists amounts to a system of  transnational, corporate plutonomy.

If all economies have always been “mixted” economies (IE: systems involving various levels of STATE CONTROL and/or SOCIOECONOMIC stratification), then it follows that there are really no “mixed” economies – merely economies.

The first (and most important) thing for Objectivists/Libertarians to acknowledge is the fact that (by their definition) there have never been any genuinely “free” economies, and no genuinely “moral” socioeconomic systems.

At absolute most, some socioeconomic structures have been somewhat less evil (in that they “permitted” more individuals a – somewhat – wider spectrum of permitted alternatives.)




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