Appalachia is the “canary in the coal mine”:

Here’s the thing:

The (predominately coastal/urban/comparatively “well-off”) segment(s) of the U.S. population have been pretty much ignoring the (initially slow, but escalating) transformation of “flyover country” into a Mad Max-type hellscape.

It’s not like there weren’t warnings: half-dead “Rust Belt” towns, the fact that even non-affluent Urban areas turned into warzones (especially during the ’80s), etc.

Hell, even documentaries like High on Crack street: lost lives in Lowell:

Or Skinheads USA: soldiers of the race war

Did anybody lucky enough to inhabit one of the (relatively) prosperous and secure enclaves actually give a shit?

Pretty much, no: not until the various pathologies began to “spill over” into suburbia, and piss off “Soccer Moms”.

Nobody bothered to give a fuck, and now the entire U.S. is rapidly beginning to mirror what is (pejoratively) termed “Pennsylvucky” among folks from PA:

As James carville summed it up back in 1986:

Between Paoli and Penn Hills, Pennsylvania is Alabama without the blacks. They didn’t film The Deer Hunter there for nothing — the state has the second-highest concentration of NRA members, behind Texas.

While the forerunners of today’s SJW’s and “politically-correct”, sensitive, and ever-so-“compassionate” Latte-Liberals were frantically self-flaggellating over their own “White-Guilt” complex over having mostly ignored the “Jim Crow” Southern U>S. until that particular powder-keg threatened to explode and take the rest of the U.S. with it  – “Flyover country” was dying.

Pretty much the only ones who were paying attention?  DISNEY:

Sames goes for non-coastal urban areas (the “Rust Belt”), and Appalachia:  exactly the regions which most stridently supported Trump/fell for Teabagger bullshit during the Obama years.

What we are witnessing is nothing less than the emergence of what will probably turn out to be the “American Outback”, in another 50 years of so:

The primary difference between the American “outback” and its Australian counterpart?  The American “outback” will be littered with the decaying husks of non-elite cities, the kind of “Small-Town America” depicted by Norman Rockwell, and a vast opioid-slum in “Appalachia”.

It’s already happening now.

Exactly how long do you think comparatively-affluent “progressives” can afford   o continue ignoring – and/or ridiculing – those from the “Blighted” areas with impunity?







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