I have no sympathy for most “parents”:

If you blundered into “parenthood” because through ignorance or idiocy, you don’t deserve any sympathy.

Most likely (in something like 99% of all cases), you were horny, and you decided to fuck.  I don’t give a shit whether you were in a “committed relationship”, or whether some religious busybodies consider your relationship to be a “sacrament”, or whether it was just a drunken “hook-up” in the Denny’s parking-lot.

You were horny, and decided to fuck.

Most likely, you were also too inept/ignorant/negligent/superstitious etc. to bother to know anything about “where babies come from” (beyond the most basic “pee-pee goes into wee-wee”-level ‘explanations”).

You were most likely ignorant of topics like ovulation tracking, “fertile” days, your options as to contraception, etc.   Sure, you might have “known” about condoms and pills (in a very nebulous way) — but if that was the extent of your “knowledge”, then it is almost worse than useless.

I have tremendous respect for those who recognize that human sexuality isn’t primary about “breeding”.  Humans don’t have a “mating-season”, and any religious/cultural “tradition” which attempts to even approximate that state of affairs is irremediably idiotic and indefensible.

I have Tremendous respect for those who choose to adopt – choose to love and nurture children (or even teens) for reasons other than mere consanguinity.

I have some respect for folks who (for any number of reasons) choose to utilize “assisted” reproductive techniques (donor eggs, “embryo adoption”, etc.)

I have ZERO respect for ANYONE – no matter how financially/sociologically “secure” – who “blundered into” parenthood – whether through ignorance or negligence.

Funny: our culture fetishizes “parenting” as the “toughest job”.  The odd thing is: all of those other (purportedly easier) JOBS actually require individuals to meet some minimum standard of qualification, and/or know WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE DOING, before-hand.

-The only “qualification” for “parenting” is: a functioning crotch (too often coupled with a non-functioning brain).

Worse yet, we fucking lionize ignorant shit-chimps who blunder into “parenthood’ in that manner, by way of blockbuster films:


TL;DR: stupid asshole bangs ditzy skank, who ends up pregnant – surprisingly decides not to “bail” on her ass.

Yeah, I realized the above-mentioned movie is intended to be a “comedy”.  That’s the fucking tragic part: we live in a “culture” which has infantilized us all to the point where ineptitude, ignorantce and negligence are considered “funny”.


Don’t get me wrong: this “civilization” will probably be able to free-ride on the “Flynn Effect” for some while longer – but we really need to stop mollycoddling/ass-patting/glorifying ignorance/ineptitude.




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