Leonard Peikoff is a pathetic joke:

The following block-quote sums up pretty much everything that sucks about Leonard Peikoff:

But for you to judge these matters yourself and reach an objective
view of Ayn Rand, you must be an unusually philosophical kind of person,

because you are living in a Kantian, anti-value culture, and you are going to be offered some very opposite accounts of the facts of her life. So you have to know:
what is objectivity? What sort of testimony qualifies as evidence in this context? What do you believe is possible to a man—or a woman? What kind of soul do you think it takes to write Atlas Shrugged? And what do you want to see in a historic figure?

The quote is from something called “My Thirty years with Ayn Rand” – a particularly sad and ridiculous attempt at “turd-polishing” Peikoff did around the same time the Brandens’ published their respective “Tell-all” books.

Quite frankly, while Ayn Rand was still alive, Peikoff’s function vis. a vis the tattered/smoldering wreckage of the (post-NBI) “Objectivist Movement” was: toadying little boot-lick.   Since her death in 1982, he has spent the last 35 years on a mix of frantic turd-polishing/damage control (against pretty much everyone who was actually involved with NBI/”Objectivism 1.0 – while simultaneously attempting to keep Ayn Rand “relevant” (which, not coincidentally, ends up funneling royalties on her shitty schlock “novels”/pseudo-intellectual screeds DIRECTLY INTO HIS POCKET.

The particularly telling bit — the thing that utterly discredits Peikoff as a serious thinker and as someone interested in the “facts of reality” is his plaintive whine disguised as the “rhetorical question”: “what do you want to see in a historical figure?”

Now, I could almost excuse Peikoff on this, if he had claimed something along the lines of: “Ayn Rand was neither omniscient, nor infallible.  In fact, she made some really serious errors – among them, allowing her previous “Legal and intellectual heir” to ‘tap that ass’.  Having admitted that, I still contend that her virtues outweigh her flaws.”

But Peikoff doesn’t do that – or anything even remotely similar.  Instead, he has spent the last several decades frantically alternating between the intellectual equivalent of “na-na-na, I can’t hear you!” (with regard to the Brandens’ books), and “excommunicating” any ‘student of Objectivism” intelligent/principled enough to refrain from (metaphorically) sucking his dick:

For example: http://tracinskiletter.com/2010/09/30/anthemgate/

The whole thing is just mind-numbingly stupid, and, the real tragedy is: they can’t blame Kant for it.  (For anybody lucky enough not to be aware of this: Immanuel Kant is essentially the Objectivist equivalent of Satan:






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