Some (other) thoughts:

So, I (occasionally) still bother to talk to Karl (Ka3rcs).

Quite frankly, I do so because I find him amusing (in a “pathetic, human train-wreck” sort of way).  Pretty much every conversation is eventually all but guaranteed to involve him gibbering about something stupid — David Icke, the burned-out license plate thing, the fact that he (stupidly) added a vast amount of crap to his trailer-hoard (junk scavenged from a police department which he will never sell, reconfigure for Amateur radio use, or even meaningfully sort – despite claims to the contrary), etc.

Karl is just so amazingly pathetic, and his “lifestyle” is just so amazingly failure-ridden, that I end up feeling much better about myself, after the conversations: At least I’m not THAT stupid!

The real “rib-tickler” aspect of the whole thing is: Karl fancies himself to be some sort of genius-level intellect who has become “Enlightened” over the mere “sheeple” surrounding him.

This is one reason (among many) for his tendency to glom onto incredibly stupid paranormal/conspiracy/”Alternative”-medicine quackery, etc. — He fancies himself to be a “truth-seeker”, but is utterly lacking in the sort of “critical thinking” skills which would allow him to rationally evaluate any given truth-claim.  Throw in the pervasive paranoia (“Dude?  You mean you really believe the “official” story???  That’s just what THEY want you to think!!!”) – and you end up with that certain, seemingly-counterintuitive mix of arrogance, cynicism and gullibility which gives Karl that certain, special “charm”.

I am long past the point where I actually have any kind of “respect” for him: he’s a pathetic mess, all the way down.  He’s like some sort of extremely mediocre “savant” (IE: semi-competent with electronics/computers, barely even functional at anything else).

So….my concern is: is there something mean-spirited about continuing to interact with someone for whom you have no respect, simply because that individual’s psychological problems/personal failures/gullibility etc. happen to be funny as hell, on occasion?



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