Great Huffpo article:

They site four primary reasons for the decline in “organized” religion:

1. Organized religion versus spirituality

2. Tribalism versus humanitarianism

3. Traditional versus nontraditional families

4. Trust versus loss of confidence in institutions

Quite frankly, from my perspective, all four of these reasons boil down to one basic issue:

mindlessness/conformity vs. rationality/independent thought

ALL of them:

For example: the fact that “organized” religion is prohibited (at least in the U.S. and Europe) from torturing/slaughtering “heretics” has resulted in something like 38,000 “denominations” (and a multitude of “non-denominational” groups) as well.

Most of these groups don’t even consider one another to be “True” Christians

So, yeah: once people figure out that the truth-claims (“Beliefs”) and practices associated with their particular geographic/demographic “community” aren’t the only alternatives (and more importantly – that they probably won’t be murdered for deviating from them) – well, you’re bound to have a significant decrease in uncritical acquiescence to the diktats of whatever passes for “Clergy”.

Just to take Judaism as an example:

The three major factions nowadays are “Orthodox”/”Conservative” and “reformed”.¬† (“Humanistic” Judaism is more about providing a means for non-religious “jews” to continue to be involved with their paticular ethnic “identity”).

In other words: “Humanistic” Judaism is basically the dessicated husk of an increasingly impotent ethnoreligious subculture.

(Its adherents have loosened the strait-jacket somewhat, but they can’t quite bring themselves to remove it completely).

Same goes for the contentless “religion” of “Unitarian Universalism” (but that’s another post for another day).

But, yeah: you can’t perpetrate the sort of tribal exclusivity/mindless acquiescence (aping and parroting) which much of “organized” religion requires – without isolating yourselves from “the world” (and “othering”everybody else – including would-be dissenters within your own ranks).

Any attempt to do so eventually ends with your particular ethnoreligious subculture becoming an inbred mess.  (Examples; the Amish, the more degenerate/cultic variants of Mormonism, etc.)

Long term, that “strategy” isn’t viable.




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