The most probable “alaternative” to the pablum mentioned in the last post:

If the “Therapeutic deism” pablum is what remains once “Abrahamic” Monotheism  dries to a crusty stain on our mass cultural bedsheets, then the question becomes: is there an “Eastern” equivalent (other than ISCKON, of course?)

The answer is: “yes”.

“Spiritual but not religious” is what you end up with, from somebody too anti-effort/simple-minded to eve manage the “Fluffy bunny” sort of “Wicca”:

SMBR is basically a garbled melange of dumbed-down elements, cobbled together out of Hindu/Buddhist/”New Age”/Western Esotericism, etc. – mixed with a huge amount of “alternative medicine” quackery, and fad-dieting (vegetarian/veganism, etc.)

Again: more touch-feely, pseudo/anti-intellectual, low/no-effort crap, tailor-made for the sort of population where only 15% qualify as “fully literate”, and the “average” reading-level among “adults” is equivalent to first or second grade:

Interestingly, Europe has its own version of the two pablum-“faiths” I’ve been talking about:

(Hint: even more nebulous and bromidic than all of the others I’ve mentioned.)

Yes well, at least none of those I’ve mentioned are particularly likely to torture and slaughter over matters of “unbelief”.  Moreover, none of them are likely to ever gel into anything even resembling “organized” religion.



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