part 2 of the last post:

Karl is a textbook example of the “vulnerable narcissist”:

  • They are typically highly sensitive people to the extreme level. Only their feelings have significance or importance, not another’s. Instead of using their sensitivity to understand and meet the needs of others, they take offense to the slightest emotional reaction, personalize other person’s feelings, and ultimately make it all about them.
  • Just like the grandiose narcissists (GN), VNs like to be considered a perfectionist in their area of specialty. However, while GNs will insist they are perfect and believe others see them that way, VNs believe they are perfect but others fail to see them that way.
  • The VN is similar to the emotional up and downs of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) but without the self-harming behavior that is characteristic of BPD. VNs might threaten to self-harm as in intimidation tactic but usually do not follow through.
  • There is no healthy way to question the emotions and subsequent responses of a VN as they are always right. Even when the emotion is out of proportion to the event, it still cannot be examined for any fault.
  • VNs are more prone to depression because the reality of their life doesn’t meet the fantasy life they feel entitled to receive. This inconsistency might cause them to quit jobs without any regard for the consequences of the decision because the work place does not live up to their expectations.
  • The victim card is routinely played to justify actions that others may see as disconcerting. Typical statements include: “Everyone is out to get me because I’m better than them,” or “This is not my fault but someone else’s fault.”
  • One of the other interesting characteristics of a VN is their classic passive-aggressive behavior. They typically will ignore a person as punishment for not doing what they were told, not looking good enough, or not being as smart as they are.
  • Similar to BPD, VNs are plagued by chronic feelings of emptiness. However, unlike BPDs who try to fill the void with new and exciting relationships, VNs become more introverted. This withdraw is because no one will ever be good enough to engage in an intimate relationship. The fantasy person is non-existent.
  • The massive insecurity at the root of narcissism is covered with silence instead of grandiose behavior. In fact, they are extremely judgmental of anyone who displays pretentious, flamboyant, or lavish behaviors.
  • Unlike GNs, VNs are very talented in using false humility and shallow apologies to get what they want. However, when pressed, even they will agree that they don’t mean it and will even blame the other person’s weakness for having to apologize in the first place.
  • Because of the complete lack of intimate relationships, VNs may do better with on-line relationships than face-to-face. This allows the VN to maintain the illusory relationship as being more significant than it is.
  • Instead of being charming like the GNs, VNs act aloft, smug, disinterested, bored, condescending, inattentive, and judgmental around others. They use this tactic to draw others in without having to engage in a real conversation.

This describes Karl to a “T” — except for the “false humility and shallow apologies”.  Karl is too much of a petulant little shit for any of that.

The question is: why does anyone permit Karl to get away with his antics?

He’s not actually good at electronics/computers (at least, no better than fully 90% of those actively involved in such things on a regular basis).  His endless fantasizing about the “computer museum” is simply pathetic.  The fact that he has continued to keep a Mexican Cell-phone account active, even years after the collapse of that particular “relationship” is merely incomprehensible.

Karl is a pathetic failure, who is incapable of allowing himself to recognize his own glaring inadequacy.

My question is; why do any of the (vanishingly few) people who still interact with him, continue to do so?

I can’t figure it out.



Why does Karl get away with being how he is?

Karl’s latest claim is the notion that everything that is happening to him is “being done to” him – by others.  He is utterly blameless for any of it.

Let’s think about this:

  1. His father had to sue him in order to get Karl to remove the copious amounts of E-waste cluttering up the basement/garage – some of which had been languishing there for more than twenty years.
  2. He has either been fired from every job he ever had, or “maneuvered into quitting” (whatever that means).
  3. Both “romantic” relationships ended horribly – with both women explicitly stating that he cared more about the hoarded E-waste than he cared about them.
  4. Supposedly, the only thing he can “afford” to do anymore (other than occasionally go to the laundromat) is loiter around in various parking-lots for hours on end, listening to “paranormal” (on Satellite radio), and watching for burnt-out license-plate bulbs.

Now, let’s think about exactly how much of the above is being “done to” him:

  1. His parents were insanely generous to permit him to amass such a vast amount of e-waste.  They were also amazingly generous to refrain from disposing of all of it, after he moved out, the first time.
  2. Likewise, they were extremely generous to allow him to move back in, after the first romantic relationship failed (IE: the one with the woman who later claimed to have enjoyed her various mental-hospital stays more than living with Karl).
  3. He has been gradually pissing away the (vanishingly few) opportunities for employment in “his field” in that area – most likely building up a reputation as an unreliable, arrogant nut-ball.  During the same period, he has steadfastly refused to even consider exploring job opportunities outside of “his field” (IE: those not directly related to electronics/computers/radio, etc.)
  4. He is incapable of even pretending that his romantic-partners are real people.  He  seems to regard them as ambulatory fuck-toys (as evidenced by the fact that he stubbornly insists on everything about the “relationship” centering on his pet obsessions/delusions (IE: the hoarded scrap).
  5. The “computer museum” will never happen.  Karl is either unable  (or unwilling) to recognize the fact that the money he is wasting on the storage units/Mexican prepaid cell phone account/satellite radio subscription etc. – could be used to repair his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep, and/or as “seed-funding” to enable him to GTFO, and relocate to an area where he might have better prospects.

Predictably, Karl has resorted to  exactly the sort of “victim-mentality” he purportedly hates – as a means to avoid recognizing the fact that he has managed to  (irremediably) fuck everything up, at every turn.

The only “positive” aspect of Karl’s existence is the fact that he is most likely too apathetic to even bother committing suicide.  Suicide would involve things like decision-making, the purposeful expenditure of effort, planning, etc. – none of which are even vaguely possible to Karl.



Well, Karl managed to fuck things up, again:

Evidently, today karl was called in for an “informal meeting” with the owner of the place where he works.  Basically- according to the owner – his job performance is abysmally bad.

He neglects to fill out paperwork correctly.  He is drastically behind schedule on every project they assign him (read; probably too busy fucking around, scavenging random crap from police stations and such).  Basically, according to Karl, they are “attempting to maneuver him into quiting”.

He is scheduled for another “informal meeting” with the owner of the company again, tomorrow.  He strongly believes that he will be fired, at that meeting.

He admits that his co-workers hate him, and that his last several performance-reviews have been “just barely adequate”.  Of course, Karl is too much of a narcissist to admit any level of culpability for his predicament.

If (when?) he is fired, he will no longer have access to the work van.  The rickety shitbucket of a jeep is not merely illegal to drive, it is also physically incapable of being driven reliably (since it is in need of serious repairs).

Thus, if (when?) he is terminated from this job, he will be essentially unable to even search for another one, or drive to it, if he could do so.

The resultant lack of income also ensures that the rickety shit-bucket of a  jeep will be repossessed (which has already happened at least twice, already).

He will also be unable to pay the rent on both his trailer, and the myriad of storage units of E-waste.

Most likely, he will end up homeless and lost both the storage-units and the vehicle.

In other words, Karl has managed to (yet again) do what Karl always manages to do: FUCK EVERYTHING UP BEYOND RECOVERY.

Hopefully, no other tech-related business will be stupid enough to hire him, after this one.

Most probably result?  several hours of weepy, maudlin whining about how all of his misfortunes are  the result of some sort of paranormal entity/curse – followed by several days/weeks/months of him lurking in parking-lots, staring vacantly at burnt-out license plate bulbs.




Let’s think about this:

Let’s leave everything else identical about Steve Roberts –  high-tech bicycle and all – except for one thing: instead, he’s a black guy.

Guess what?  A black guy on a rricked-out recumbent bicycle would never have gained entry to the sort of collegiate/tech-industry/”artsy” poseur circles comprising his “hospitality database”.

The other truly fucked-up thing about his book is: the endless, maudlin whining by the inhabitants of tourist traps, about the lamentable fact that the tourism which is the only thing keeping their precious little shit-hole aliive, is *also* (supposedly) diluting the “local chamr”.

(Funny: this reminds me of the “gentrified” fucks you read about in Portland, Oregon, who whine about how tourism is making Portland less “weird”.)

Seriously: his book should be called “Fucking across America: odyssey of a Whiny White hipster on a bicycle.

I can’t help it: I actually found myself hoping that the drunken weirdo he encountered out on that road in Colorado would punch him in the face, steal the bike, and then give him a “thrill-ride” in his truck.

I also can’t stop myself from wondering how many less-privileged folks he never encountered, who  different from him only by the fact that THEY weren’t homeless by choice.

How many of them did he snub?   Did he stop to engage in any (superficial and intolerably “new-agey”) chit-chat with them, at all?  Did any of them have to sit through his goddamned “Freedom vs. security”  schtick?

Don’t get me wrong: the bike itself is impressive.  The trip is – interesting.  The guy?

When you’ve seen one pretentious ‘White”, oblivious hipster jack-hole, you’ve basically seen ’em all.


Steve Roberts (and everyone like him) are why “the sixties” failed

I’m going to be honest:

Reading Steve Roberts’ book has soured me, not merely on the guy himself, but more broadly on the entire “demographic” he represents: privileged,  “White” suburbanites who pretend to be “seekers”.

A perfect – almost textbook – example of what I mean is the fact that, among all the drunken hook-ups mentioned in the book (and trust me – he absolutely fucking wallows in the whole “roll into town, cash in on the ‘groupie effect’ to score some quick tail, *PRETEND* that her personality/emotions aren’t just a regrettable distraction from her cunt/tits, roll out of town”-schtick) – that would be bad enough, but at least it is indistinguishable from, say, the kind of local “townies” who loiter around to “harvest” chicks who are too drunk to give a shit, after “Last call”.

No, the truly horrifying thing is: over the entire trip – with a vanishingly-few exceptions which are themselves so infrequent as to be, well, glaringly exceptional – he seems to meet up with exactly the same sort of people:   pseudo-intellectual, “White”, overwhelmingly Hetero – Leftist/”Counterculture”-types — exactly the sort of hippie/yuppie/”New Age” poseurs.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I *get* that this was”the ’80s”.  I also totally “get” that a yuppie/tech-geek with a penchant for what amounts to “permanent tourism” would probably be at least somewhat reluctant to transgress the socioeconomic/demographic “boundaries” which were “still” so damnably important back then (and regrettably, still are to so many) – but that doesn’t change the fact that approximately 99% of those with whom he interacts for anything other than a vanishingly-short (and extremely superficial) extent just happen to all be:

1. (Identifiably) “White”

2. Middle/Upper class (either currently, or in terms of “upbringing”  (IE: the sort of folks who could live “out in the middle of nowhere” in Colorado back in the 1980s, and still somehow manage to have hot-tubs and satellite TV.)

His pseudo-intellectual (vaguely hippiefied) musings don’t help matters, either.  Same goes for the all-too-frequent episodes along the lines of “Oh shit!  A non-White person/group of Non-whites/identifiably “swishy” homosexual”-etc.  Gonna wet myself  in terror — oh wait, they’re not so bad!” – over and over and over, ad infinitum.

Add to the that seemingly-endless (and essentially interchangeable) parade of interchangeably blonde/willosy nonentieis whose only substantive attribute (other than the – stressed – fact that most of them happen to be as blonde/willowy as the last one), is their  – equally-stressed – willingness to engage in drunken “hook-ups” with some guy who would otherwise be just another yuppie mediocrity – simply because he happens ot have a high-tech bicycle.

All in all, he strikes me as a 1980s version of the pretentious, “White”, vaguely “new-agey”, “Hipster” dickheads whose social-media footprint makes a big deal about how much they “fucking love science”/what they bought at the “vintage” record-store.

Predictably, none of his other projects have led anywhere: not the high-tech catamarans, and not the”electronics lab on a boat” (or whatever the hell it is.)

He strikes me as infinitely more shallow and superficial than the worst, most “status-symbol”-chasing surburbanite – because at least the yuppie “status”-seekers aren’t riding around on a high-tech bicycle, pretending to be Geekdom’s answer to Jack Keroac.






“Roots” are for plants – and plants are (sub)human:

the more I read Steve Roberts’ book Computing across America, the more contemptuous I find myself becoming.

I’m not contemptuous of Steve.  No, I’m contemptuous of the kind of sad, empty shells who he encounters in far too many areas, who “differ” in terms of superficialities (skin color, hair texture, accent/dialect, etc.) – but are utterly identical in that they nothing more than embodied stereotypes – superficially “human” caricatures of whichever racial/ethnic/sexual “identity” happens to have been perpetrated on them by others.

The perverse and vicious thing is: many of them seem to take “pride” in their status as EMPTY SHELLS.

The commonalities are striking (and eerily reminiscent of “persons” I have encountered far too often, in my own life):

  1. the walking shell is pervasively ignorant about, well, pretty much anywhere outside of an absurdly-limited “zone” which is typically enforced by a combination of geography/demography).  Lots of stereotypes about “Those people” (whoever they may be) – lots of (grossly-inaccurate) “information” about “foreign” lands.  (It makes no difference whether the “foreign land” in question is notionally located within the territorial jurisdiction of the ‘United’ States, or not.

A perfect illustration of this is an incident he recounts involving some barely-verbal imbecile in (I think) the Florida Panhandle somewhere who was just barely capable of being “amazed” that Steven had managed to bike all the way from Clearwater – but who was utterly incapable of even comprehending the fact that his trip had began in OHIO.

Worse yet, are the stupid filth who take “pride” in their own ignorance and insularity – and even lament the fact that they won’t be able to perpetrate that ignorance/bigotry on the “kids these days”.

(Keep in mind: this book was published in 1988.  As such, it is dripping with the sort of overt (though superficially “innocent”) “race”/class/gender “role”-playing which has, regrettably, only partially abated.

The most salient (and most horrifying) aspect of the whole book is: Steve Roberts might have been able to “befriend” a myriad of acquaintances from a myriad of “identity”-boxes (“race”, gender, ideology, etc.) – but it is blindingly obvious that the vast majority of such PRISONERS OF DEMOGRAPHY would be either unable – or simply unwilling – to ever befriend ONE ANOTHER.

Most of ’em would never even risk even a cursory glance beyond the bars of their specific cage”.  Worse yet, they probably misidentify those bars as their “roots” – and cannot even contemplate transcending whichever idiotic “identity” happens to have been perpetrated on them – because of a literal accident of birth (geography,  consanguinity, etc.)

That’s probably the most tragic thing about not just Roberts’ book, but about all such narratives: that oh-so-precious “regional charm” is really nothing more than a well-decorated cage, from which far too many will never escape.

Worse yet, the vast majority have been so thoroughly indoctrinated/bribed/psychologically crippled as to misidentify their particularly matrix of delusions and bigotry as the ESSENCE of “who they are”.

(You can take the “conditioned” dog out of Pavlov’s lab, but you can’t take the Pavlovian conditioning out of the dog…..”)

Thankfully, the same “dataspace”-revolution which enabled Steve Roberts’ to bicycle across the U.S. of A. back in the ’80s, is well on its way to making it impossible for those endemic to such bigoted, homogeneous, culturally (and all to often biologically)-incestuous shitholes to continue in their insularity and ignorant.





Steven K. Roberts is interesting:

One of my favorite books is Computing Across America, by Steven K. Roberts.

This book was published in 1988, but it chronicles a genuinely amazing lifestyle which Steve Roberts had been living since 1983.  In essence, he was a free-lance tech developer/writer, who decided that the standard “Yuppie”/Suburbia lifestyle was horrible, and proceeded to invent a whole new lifestyle, involving:

  1. An increasingly impressive recumbent bicycle, which (gradually) ended up tricked out with a truly impressive amount of communications and computer technology.
  2. Traveling around the U.S., writing about his advantures, doing freelance technical writing, etc. – by means of a Radio Shack model 100 portable computer, and the Compuserve network.
  3. Later, generating media “buzz”, and doing appearances related to the above-mentioned “tech-nomadic” lifestyle.

This lifestyle (or some variant) went on well into at least the 1990s, at which time he appears to have changed direction to some degree, gotten more of a “home base” somewhere or other out west, and started development on what appears to be some kind of sea-worthy home/worskshop.

The whole thing just amazes me, from square one.

His website is at

Quite frankly, the whole thing is amazing from square one.

When I first became aware of the guy (back int he early 1990s), this was literally everything I wanted to become.  However (due at least in part to the fact that I am fairly severely visually-impaired, and not anywhere near as “tech-savvy” as this guy – it never happened.

The book itself is amazing, in that (at least in the early years) one of his primary goals appears to have been to “bang” as many women as possible, in a myriad of different areas – using his “tech-nomadic” lifestyle as a come-on.

He also appears to have “crashed” on a lot of folks’ couches over the years (having compiled something he describes as a “hospitality database” of people he befriended on the Compuserve boards, back in the day.

the whole thing is just amazingly cool, although, I can understand at least some of why he changed up his lifestyle a bit over the years:

  1. Hacking together a suitable setup wouldn’t be nearly as difficult, today: custom bike designs, 3d printer technology, smaller/faster processors, etc.  Hell, I’m pretty sure even I could cobble something together nowadays, given enough inclination to do so.   He effectively did most of the “beta”-testing for anybody who would want to do something like that, afterward.
  2. It probably wouldn’t be nearly as fun, nowadays: Anybody with a cool, high-tech recumbent bicycle of that sort would probably end up getting robbed and murdered, having the bike cannibalized, and being left to rot down, out in the weeds, somewhere.

Either that, or any prospective “Tech-nomad” would have to carry firearms of some kind (at least a hand-gun), which could get potentially “sticky” in some regions.

Several reason I could probably never nerve myself up to actually live anything even remotely resembling his lifestyle – even though I do genuinely admire it, as so totally badass as to be nearly unbelievable.

I’d like to meet the guy at some point, but he and his wife live….somewhere out west (Oregon?)

Probably never happen.

Yes,  well.