And…cue Jailhouse rape in 5…4…3…2…1:

Chris Cantwell Arrested For Use Of Explosives

Albermarle County police department has confirmed that Chris Cantwell was arrested a little before 2am Monday morning at a bus stop near the town of Esmont. He is charged with two felony counts of illegal use of explosives as well as illegal use of gases and injury by caustic agent.

He probably should have stuck with pestering meter-maids and shooting meth up his ass.

My question is the same as it has been for years: Why are “White Supremacists” always vermin?  Why are they ALWAYS so genuinely horrible and worthless as individuals?

Is Collectivism based on “race” a tacit confession that they are worthless as individuals?

Is their “race”-pimping an attempt to assuage their own guilt and terror at the fact that they have nothing of individual value to offer anyone?

Don’t get me wrong: I honestly don’t give a shit why they gravitate toward that specific subspecies of psychosis (and – if ideologically consistent – end up becoming brutish, dangerous sub-animals as a result).

I just genuinely love it when they are finally broken and disgraced.

Just knowing that they are either experiencing prison-rape (most likely inflicted by their would-be non-“White” victims) – or that they went down in a hail of bullets (like what would happen to a rabid dog) – makes me smile.


No, tech companies are not “censoring” anything:

So, after the Charlottesville fiasco, various “Alt-Right”/Neo-nazi types have decided to go all “special snowflake”, because Google/Youtube/Twitter etc. have (gasp!) exercised their prerogatives as (notionally) “private” entities, by preventing specific videos from participating in their shitty “ad-revenue-sharing” schemes, or outright suspending accounts.

Boo hoo.

This isn’t “censorship”.  NONE of it.

Nor is it particularly “new” conduct.

First, these platforms have specific Terms of service, which (admittedly) most people don’t bother to read when they initially create an account.  Then they end up (inadvertently – or deliberately) doing something which violates those terms of service, get their account suspended/revoked entirely – and wanna bitch and whine about “censorship”

Guess what?

If I were to (for example) begin to upload “extreme” hard-core porn, or something of that nature to Youtube, they would most likely suspend my account – and remove those videos – for having done so.

This isn’t “censorship”, because

  1. ONLY government can “censor”.
  2. There are other platforms which have positioned themselves as exactly that sort of thing.

Time for any Ayn Rand quote, folks:

Freedom of speech means freedom from interference, suppression or punitive action by the government—and nothing else. It does not mean the right to demand the financial support or the material means to express your views at the expense of other men who may not wish to support you. Freedom of speech includes the freedom not to agree, not to listen and not to support one’s own antagonists. A “right” does not include the material implementation of that right by other men; it includes only the freedom to earn that implementation by one’s own effort. Private citizens cannot use physical force or coercion; they cannot censor or suppress anyone’s views or publications. Only the government can do so. And censorship is a concept that pertains only to governmental action.

So, it is really damnably galling for self-described “Free market” advocates/Libertarians etc. to be claiming that entities other than government are in any sense, capable of engaging in actions which are only possible TO Government.

For example: the Chinese CAN legitimately be said to be attempting to censor what passes for Internet connectivity within their jurisdiction.

The fact that your local elementary school has installed “net-Nanny” or some equivalent which makes it more difficult (but by no means impossible) for their students to ccess Redtube or wherever,  does not mean that they are “censoring” Redbute.

Nor does the endless whining about Google’s (supposed) “monopoly” over the search engine market hold water.

There.  I’ve just broken Google’s (supposed) “monopoly”.  Your welcome.

So, no.  Mirror your content.  Post it to multiple platforms (if you’re really that concerned).

As for Piss PantsFill having been thrown off of pretty much every tech-platform for explicitly attempting to incite race war?

Quite frankly, it looks like he’s gonna have way bigger problems than where his “radical agenda” podcast gets hosted.  His primary problem is likely to be: how to minimize the amount of shower-room rape over the next 20 years or so?

Just sayin’.



Gonna pull one of Jeff’s comments forward, because it deserves more visibility:

In response to a post I made about “Antifa”:

The problem with Antifa is they’re part of the Hillary personality cult and they’re primarily just opposed to trump and his personality cul- er I mean his supporters. The irony here is Trump and Hillary are part of the same gang of corporatist scumfucks and the administration is following the same script no matter who is there. These idiots on all sides are actually protesting themselves. Trump’s populism, agree or disagree with his campaign positions, is nothing but a red herring, a pressure relief valve to soothe the angry mob so we can get back to the old bush-clinton-bush-obama policy of looting the masses/business as usual. There are only two reasons Trump is president: 1. His ego could fill Jupiter’s red spot 2. The glorified debt collector politicians have screwed the pooch so bad with wars and romneycare, that the puppets needed to send a puppetmaster demagogue in there to fix it.
I simply find it entertaining and interesting how the masses fell for either of their lines of shit *all the while knowing they’re both full of shit* and have gone back to their two sided political paradigm as usual. The only difference now is the corporatists have managed to turn it into a sporting event, where ideology means nothing, and everything is all about “your team” winning. And just like sports leagues, the players duke it out, the fans get their pockets picked, and the league owners run off with all the fucking money.
There are now three sides in politics: Hillary, Trump, and I Don’t Watch Sports

Definitely some merit to that.

One of the things I’ve been (vainly) trying to explain to Karl for the past several years, is the notion of “Controlled opposition’ – especially as expressed in George Orwell’s most (in)famous book, Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

For the majority who claim to have “read” the book – but who most likely misunderstood its central point:  at one point, Winston and Julia manage to stumble into two things which turn out to have been elaborate “honey-pots” deliberately engineered by the “Party”, itself:

  1. The junk-shop where Winston rents a “private” room from Mr. Charrington.
  2. Recruitment into the “Brotherhood” (by O’Brien)
  3. Winston reads (portions of) something purporting to be “Goldstein’s Book”.

Now, the thing Karl (and so many others) fail to understand about the above chain of events is this:

Neither Winston nor Julia  are either “important” enough – or even remotely capable – of posing anything tangentially resembling a “threat” to the regime.

The whole thing – Winston’s “secret” diary, the “private” room where Winston and Julia meet up for their periodic fuck-sessions, O’brien “recruiting” them into the “Brotherhood” and supplying them with “subversive” literature, etc. – is nothing but a _slightly more elaborate) version of exactly the kind of distraction/catharsis involved in the “two-minutes hate”.

Now, applying the above conceptual framework to real-world situations, it becomes (fairly) obvious that the panicky “White pride” frat-boys – every bit as much as their SJW/”Antifa”/BLM “opponents” – are essentially distractions/catharsis which permit – hell, even encourage – a (rigidly circumscribed) window of “ideological debate”, backed up with (equally circumscribed) spurts of violence and mayhem _NONE of which is any sort of threat to the 1% (or their post-nation-state, corporate plutonomy).

The entire “identitarian” enterprise is reinforced – both implicitly and explicitly – by requiring individuals to self-identify as one of a variety of pre-designated identity “groups”:

“White”, “Black”, “Hispanic”, etc.

Multi-racial (or more exactly, POST-“racial”) individuals are – implicitly and explicitly – erased.

Even when such “ambiguous” individuals are (reluctantly) acknowledged, it is still within a context where the social construct/mass delusion of “race” ends up being reified, and – to that extent – validated.

This is where the long-term plan for saving humanity from the “Identitarian” blight comes into play:

This involves (at minimum):

  1. More “transgressive” relationships (resulting in more “racially”-ambiguous offspring)., coupled with:
  2. Men/Women who are capable of “passing” for “White” to make a point of getting involved in relationships (social and/or sexual) with even the most bigoted filth (such as Craig Cobb).

The most probably result of this long-term?

More of  THIS sort of thing:

“Racism” will become impossible only when “race” becomes impossible to determine.





“Political correctness”, “trolling” culture, and “Whackers”:

Here’s the thing:

Some decades ago, some (primarily Leftist) pseudo-intellectuals decided that the subjective emotional state of any particular individual trumped fact.

This (more than any time prior) was the point where the mere utterance of some variant of the phrase “I’m/We’re OFFENDED!” became the most fundamental form of “virtue signaling” – both for the “offended” victim, and for various third-parties who could – and did – feign outraged concern over the amount of (purportedly) “offensive” words/books/images/”content” in general.

For example: the PMRC (“Parents’ music research Center”):

Now, predictably, this almost immediately led to something which could be misunderstood as a “backlash”.  Actually, it was nothing of the kind (since people had been becoming “offended” – and mistakenly believing that anybody else actually gave a shit, for decades/centuries).

What happened was: a deliberate and concentrated effort among a certain subculture, to fuck with the “politically correct” types, either on principle (freedom of speech, etc.), or for the “shock” value, orsuchlike.

This is (somewhat) analogous to how some segments of the punk-rock scene used Nazi/Communist iconography, and repurposed BDSM-gear and such:

Now, here’s the thing:

When something like that happens, people typically don’t put any thought into how to differentiate between those who actually believe/practice such ideologies, and the pathetic poseurs who dabble in it for “shock” value, or as a form of what would now be called “cosplay”, or whatever.

So, how do you tell the difference?

After all, the existence of such poseurs could (superficially) make it appear that the particular “movement” whose aesthetics they’re (mis)using is much larger, or better organized than it actually is.

A great example of this is the so-called “militia” movement.

Quite frankly, even when I first became aware of the various sorts of “militia” groups (and the ideological variants among them), I was aware that the vast majority of it constituted a sort of elaborate “play-acting”, geared to (comparatively) well-off folks, inhabiting a (comparatively) stable social/political/economic “system” – which was far enough away both anything resembling “collapse”, let alone serious, long-term disruption, so as to allow for a great deal of fantasizing among its adherents.

The vast majority were essentially passive, “consumers” of the specific media and products associated with that subculture (short-wave radio shows, books, videotapes, “survival” foods, fire-arms they most likely barely used, etc.)

A small subset were actually involved in creating/marketing the media and products.

The rest?  Those between the passive “consumerist” periphery and the “content-creators”, themselves?

Mostly disorganized “whackers”:

The term “whacker” has a very specific meaning among certain subcultures:

Whackers are basically image-based “tryhards”, who still manage to be both utterly unconvincing, and laughably inept.

Regrettably, there’s a certain level of overlap between “whacker-dom”, and the Emergency communications aspects of Amateur (“Ham”) radio:

At any rate, let’s just stipulate that most organized activities of any kind tend to become infested with abysmally stupid, “image”-conscious poseurs, who actively degrade the quality of whatever “scenethey happen to be infesting, by their sheer stupidity and poseur-dom.

So, where does that leave the “Neo-Nazi” vs. “Antifa” thing?


NOBODY has ever genuinely wanted a “peaceful” protest, or demonstration.

There are exactly TWO purposes to any such ‘demonstration” (NEITHER of which involve “assembling to peacefully petition the government”, or any such notion:

  1. An attempt at INTIMIDATION against  whoever you consider your “opponents” to be.
  2. An attempt to create “martyrs” (either “partial” or “total”) -for your specific “movement”

Think about it:

ONE yahoo standing around with a sign is – ludicrous, at best (even if his or her grievance HAPPENS to be legitimate).

Quite frankly, anyone attending one of these “demonstrations” was (implicitly) looking for an opportunity to scuffle.

So, Boston may have been “peaceful” (in the sense that there were no  scuffles significant enough to yield either side a “money-shot” like the car ramming the crowd in Charlottesville) – but you can bet there were at least a few “minor” scuffles of various sorts.

That’s one reason why I don’t bother to go to “demonstrations” or “marches”.

Then again, I also don’t go to Mardi Gras, to watch random drunk women flash their tits for beads.

Piss PantsFull didn’t give two pairs of brown-streaked underwear about “Confederate heritage” or “history” or any of that shit:  he was (and is) nothing but a publicity-hound, who turned into a whimpering little bitch when shit got REAL..

Pathetic, really.




Yet another epic failure for the “Libertarian” movement: “Saving” Piss Pantsfull’s life:

Yet another good summation of the problem:

PantsFull loves to play himself up as some kind of super-hardcore Aryan “race”-warrior or some shit.  In REALITY he was (up until a few years ago) a dumpy fuck whose “political activism” consisted primarily of wandering around Keene, New Hampshire with his (equally douche-baggy “squad”), so they could make videos of one another  harassing meter-maids, and “feeding” nearly-expired parking meters.

Now, the abysmally stupid thing about this “Robin Hood” bullshit was this: The Evil statist jack-booted thugs were STILL getting paid (albeit mere coins, instead of whatever the fines happen to be in Keene, New Hampshire.)

This douche-bag’s “activism” would be equivalent of some guy claiming to be a “tax protester” NOT because he actually refuses to pay taxes – but merely because he makes it a point to take any and all permissible deducations, or gives helps others do so.

Plus, is it just me, or harrassing meter-maids pretty much the epitome of “low-hanging fruit?”

My point is: he pretends that absent his current AnarchoFascistoLibertarianRadCap “activism”, he would most likely ended up as a spree killer or some shit.

Quite frankly, nobody who has actually seen his picture from “back in the day” (IE: 2014), could even BEGIN to take such claims seriously:

Here’s the reality:  Piss Pantsful is exactly what he has always been: an abysmally stupid, cowardly, drunken/drug-addled piece of sub-human shit, who – by his own admission – used to INJECT METH DIRECTLY INTO HIS OWN ANUS.

He is too pervasively undisciplined to ever stand a chance of even participating in any genuine “revolutionary” cadre or organization.

He is a laughing-stock, and deserves only ridicule and contempt from his opponents.

The other reality is: he will most likely end up being convicted for his antics in charlottesville – after which he will most likely be imprisoned as punishment for said antics.

Unless he is placed in “protective custody”, he will most likely end up being raped repeatedly, and/or shanked.

Why?   Because he’s a poseur (like the rest of the “HIpster”-fascist assholes attending that shit-show in Virginia.

Then again, he might find a way to worm his way out of facing legal consequences for his actions -in which case he will most likely end up “reverting” to something resembling the fat, dumpy, drug-addled/drunken train-wreck resembling his Ca. 2014 self — with the added “bonus” that everybody in his current “hometown” (and everywhere else, for that matter) will regard him as DANGEROUS SUB-ANIMAL TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.

There’s no way back from this kind of on-line “fame”.

Just ask Becky Wegner Rommel: