My ancestors were (most likely) “converted” at sword-point:

This was either directly (via the sort of torture/slaughter tactics used far too frequently during the “Christianization” of Europe), or indirectly, merely by having whatever the “indigenous” religion of their particular region had been, forcibly suppressed/ridiculed into extinction.

I can’t help it: I see no substantive difference between the manner in which Europe was “converted”, and the sort of scorched-earth tactics used by fanatics like ISIL/the Taliban.

Any “religion” which was originally imposed by force has no right to whine when another religion (or some variant of “secularism”) begins to usurp its “turf”:

Worse yet, the vast majority of my own relatives were precluded (by means of MERE geography/demography), from actually knowing anything about those other alternatives.

I have very little respect for Frank Schaeffer (the son of the guy who – along with scumbags like Rushdoony and Fallwell) created what we now know as the “Religious Right”): quite honestly, Schaeffer has a hell of a lot to answer for – having actively participated in that “movement” would be bad enough.

However, that would at least be excusable (given that he was “raised” in that milieu, and, quite honestly, too stupid to see through it.)

What make Frank Schaeffer infinitely worse, is his new pretense, at being an “Atheist who believes in God”.

Here’s pretty much the most “coherent” tidbit from an interview I found a while back:

I do not always believe let alone know if God exists. I do not always know he, she or it does not exist either, though there are long patches in my life when it seems God never did exist. What I know is that I see the Creator in Jesus or nowhere. What I know is that I see Jesus in my children and grandchildren’s love. What I know is that I rediscover hope again and again through my wife Genie’s love. What I know is that Mother Maria loved unto death. What I know is that sometimes something too good to be true, is true.

Now, think about this: he “Sees the creator in Jesus, or nowhere”.

I would expect this kind of bigoted idiocy from some ignorant-ass Fundie Protestant (because their whole schtick is tacitly about regarding the 37,999+ other variants of “Christianity” as “satanic counterfeits”, based on “false doctrine”, and run by people who just want their “ears tickled”.)

I would expect pretty much the same sort of blanket dismissal of all Non-Christan religions from both the Roman Catholic church, and  the various forms of “Orthodoxy”.

From them, such condescension is both understandable, and (to some degree) excusable.

However, such  bullshit has no place outside of those  particular contexts.

Schaeffer is doubtless unaware  that his off-hand statement tacitly spits in the faces of literally everyone unlucky enough to have been born/raised in a Non-Christian region or Demographic:

Every Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Taoist, Jain, Sikh – anyone brought enculturated in one of the various “traditional” ethno/tribal religions, etc. — Schaeffer openly states that he doesn’t see “the Creator” in any of them – hell, only even sees the possibility of such a thing, in a single religious figure.

Frank Schaeffer’s latest “book” amounts to one giant “fuck you” to the Non_Christian world.

In other words, for all of his frantic publicity-seeking, “church”-hopping (I wonder what his “orthodox” pals think of his schtick – given the fact that there are many hours of video-lectures circulating on-line wherein he explicitly defends  Eastern Orthodoxy against both Catholicism and Protestantism) — for all of that he has somehow managed to remain ignorant of/bigoted against the whole of humankind unfortunate enough to have been brainwashed differently, during childhood.

Schaeffer should a lesson from Win Corduan:

Win Corduan is a billion times better than Li’l Frankie.  Despite the fact that he is a Christian, he has genuinely attempted to understand Non-Christian religions, and – more importantly – to explain them to his fellow Christians, on the very sensible grounds that: unless various population-groups begin to UNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER, humankind will most likely end up nuking ourselves back into the Stone Age.

So yeah: Frank Schaeffer is a total asshole, who deserves zero respect from anyone.

Way to shit on the Dalai Llama, fuck-face.





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