I remain unmoved


I have (stupidly) un-blocked my “mother’s” e-mails.

Louise (my “dad’s” current wife) completely agrees with me about my views on the drug-addled psychopath. However, she urged me to “be the better person”.
Quite frankly, I can’t fathom any situation where I am not *already* the “better person”, as regards the antics of those two:

First, I am better than my “mother”, in that as of 2013, I elected to discontinue all contact with either of them, rather than participate in their antics (even from what was presumably a “safe distance”, Ca. 1000 miles away).
The breaking-point (with regard to both of them) came when my “mother” decided to *lie to the police* during a wellness-check – by means of the (contradictory) claims that they had “already apologized” for the unjust accusations/physical attack, and that my wife and I had merely “taken it all out of context”.
(I am still genuinely puzzled as to what context – other than “self-made victim” – could explain any of it).

At any rate, in the e-mails, I pointed out the following facts:

1. I cut off all contact with my “father” for over ten years, with nary a pang of ‘regret” about having done so.

2. The above disconnection was a policy which BOTH my “mother” and the junkie psychopath claimed to support.

3. I refuse to particpate in my “mother’s” attempt at turd-polishing, which regard to the junkie psychopath’s antics. Now (at least judging by his obituary), she wants to pretend that he was merely a “kindhearted” person, who “loved animals” and “always wanted to help those in need”. (Riiiiiight…..his drug-dealers ‘needed’ cash, whereas He ‘needed’ heroin, etc.)

4. I refuse to attend the “memorial” for the junkie psychopath – both because I *genuinely loathed* that subhuman piece of shit, and because the aforementioned sub-animal was directly responsible for my wife and I NOT having attended Frank’s memorial service — in the aftermath of the unjust accusations/physical attack.
I refuse — *refuse* – to travel a thousand miles, merely for the purpose of *pretending* that I have anything but contempt for that fucking worthless sub-animal. I participated in decades of coverup while that thing was alive. I *refuse* to continue to doing so, now that it is dead.

5. I never gave that much of a shit about my various *other* half-siblings (the ones in Virginia).
How exactly is her special little Junkie FirstBorn any different?
I am utterly unmoved by mere consanguinity (the – purported – “ties” of “blood”).
I am also utterly impervious to any sort of bleating about the (supposed) unconditional value of “family”.

“Blood”-kinship is nothing more, less or other than a literal ACCIDENT OF BIRTH. It is NOT (or at any rate, need not be) a sentence to perpetual victimhood at the hands of victimizers who merit that status merely because most cultures have historically involved entirely unjustified and superstitious delusions about “blood”.

The only things (other than hereditary diseases) which “kin” can ever give one, are the BASIC RESPECT every human is implicitly “owed” by all other humans – “kin” and stranger alike, AND the (dubious) ‘privilege” of “inheriting” their accumulated *junk* if they die. (Financial assets have become far less of a bargaining-chip, especially since the advent of “reverse mortgages’, and suchlike.)

The amusing thing is: in all likeliihood, one’s descendants neither want – nor need – the vast majority of the detritus they’ve invested decades ass-kissing their “kin” to “inherit”:





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