Predators, prey, and “love”

I honestly can’t fathom why victims are (relentlessly) counseled to “love”, “understand” or “forgive” their victimizers.

  1. Such “forgiveness” ensures that the victimizers continue their antics.  (“Battered spouse” syndrome, anyone?)
  2. It destroys any trace of self-respect in the victim.
  3. (When tied to mere consanguinity (IE: “blood”-kinship), it ensures the victimizer a constant pool of victims to continue victimizing.
  4. It breeds contempt for the victim – both in his/her own eyes, and in the eyes of the victimizer.  (Abject belly-crawling is never attractive to anyone.)

Ironically enough, most of us understand (tactily) that the shiny-happy “forgiveness” bullshit is utterly wrong.  (This is why even the most purportedly devout “Christian” typically approves – at least in principle -f such things as police apprehending criminals).

Exhortations to principled injustice ring hollow, when the rest of the culture actively attempts to contain (or rectify) such injustices.



One thought on “Predators, prey, and “love”

  1. Reminds me of my father constantly calling me for money because he’s gotta be out by the weekend. He’s gotta be out is the story of his life… well you met him I don’t have to rehash what a prick he was.

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