So, post-maria, Puerto Rico has been reduced to some sort of “The Day after” hell-scape.

TH vast majority of the island isn’t expected to have the electrical grid back up until sometime around next February.


So, yeah – there is already the beginnings of some sort of mass exodus from the island.

The amazing part of this is: These people are already American citizens, so this influx of “brown people” onto the U.S. Mainland can’t be blamed on “border jumpers”, or suchlike other xenophobic bullshit.

This is only going to accelerate the ongoing  demographic shift toward increasing Non-“White” populations in the U.S. – which is going to seriously fuck over”White” Conservatives, in particular, long-term.

So, yeah: Puerto Rico sucks, and is most likely going to continue sucking for a long, long while.  Just like what happens with all of the other shitty and hopeless parts of the U.S., this has resulted in a mass exodus away fro the shitholes, toward better regions.




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