Name: Henry Emrich

Location: New Port Richey, Florida

Primary “occupation”: complicated question:

Over the past 20+ years:

  1. Co-founder/lead guitarist/primary recording engineer: “Goose Creek Boys” (Country/Bluegrass/Gospel group)
  2. “Session” musician (various local artists/albums)
  3. Loading dock/warehousing (various locations)
  4. Retail (various location)
  5. Analog media conversion (“digitizing” albums/tapes)
  6. Data-entry
  7. “Solo” recording artist (currently re-establishing availability)
  8. Music instructor

For various reasons, the most “long-term” of the above was GCB.  One of the (vanishingly-few) things I regret about relocating to Florida is no longer being actively involved with the group).  I have no idea how many “session” recordings/pick-up gigs etc. I did over the years.    (Many of them took place out in somebody’s back field, and such.).

I wouldn’t describe myself as an “aspiring” musician (since I actually did quite a bit — especially “back in the day”).  However, I cannot in good conscience describe music as my “passion” (both because I have other interests as well, and because much of what others misunderstand as music “talent” derives from a lonely, friendless/dateless youth, where being involved with music was more or less the only outlet I had available.  I didn’t really have “friends” in the stereotypical teen-age sense of the term.  Nor did I “hang out” with many people (extreme amounts of school bullying coupled with a “family” who — by their own admission — attempted to ignore me as much as possible).

Although I lack a (formal) diagnosis, various individuals over the years have suggested that — in addition to the visual impairment — I may also fall somewhere on the “Autistic spectrum”.    I’m not honestly sure.  Online “self-assessment” tests I’ve taken over the years have fairly consistently suggested either HFA (“High-functioning Autism”) or Asperger’s syndrome.

I know that many of my individual attributes at least superficially resemble such things:

  1. I’ve never been particularly “social”.
  2. I detest “small-talk”.
  3. (With a few exceptions) I have no particular interest in the “feelings” of most persons I encounter.   I recognized early on in my life, that it is utterly impossible for one individual to “make” another individual “feel” (or react) in any particular way.   This includes whether any individual happens to be “offended” about something, or not.  Quite frankly, the fact that I eat meat is very likely “offensive” to vegetarians/vegans.    Likewise, the fact that I do not subscribe to their particular form of “Wahhabi” Islam — or any form of Islam, for that matter — is undoubtedly exceedingly “offensive” to ISIL etc.)
  4. I essentially taught myself to read at age 3, and exhibited College-level “reading comprehension” when I entered the First grade.
  5. (Especially during childhood) I found various textures/colors/sounds/scents to either be extremely unpleasant, or extremely intriguing.
  6.  I am most definitely a fan of routine.  I dislike what most people euphemistically describe as “spontaneity” (which, in most cases, is merely a “cover” for failure to plan things correctly).

To my knowledge, I have never engaged in the (stereotypical) hand-flapping or suchlike.  However, I do find “odd” numbers to be viscerally disturbing, to the point where — if my wife is cooking, and raps a spoon against the side of the pot three times, I sometimes feel the need to go to the kitchen, and rap the spoon against the side of the pot an additional time (bringing the total to 4) — simply to “even it out”.

For various reasons (mostly having to do with a profound dislike of being force-fed psychoactive chemicals) I stay as far away as possible from the “psychiatric” community.

(Hint: the “school psychologist” tended to blame me, if/when I dared to defend myself from school bullies).

I have an extreme dislike (more along the lines of contempt) for: racism, sexism, religious bigotry, etc.  I am also extremely suspicious of “big” corporations, and the “cronyism”/lobbying in which they tend to engage.

I am (broadly) sympathetic to both the Objectivist/Libertarian “movements”, but find them both utterly futile, and (equally as bad) pretty much ignorant of history.

Both “Movements” tend to treat “laissez-faire capitalism” as some sort of platonic abstraction or “ideal” – tacitly ignoring/hand-waving away the antics of real-world “capitalist” corporate plutarchy, in the process.

Quite frankly, the “1%” did not “pull themselves up by their own boostraps” in any sort of “free enterprise”-type situation.  The dirty secret that both Libertarians and Objectivists evade is: the role of structural inequality predicated around race/gender “roles” (IE: the fact that Blacks could be “owned” up until 1865, and were THEN relegated to what amounted to a ‘racial” caste-system (“Jim Crow”) until 1965. – not to mention the fact that women were systematically frozen out of economic participation – except as domestic drudges/breeding machines – for the vast majority of U.S. – and world -history.  (Hint: even if you don’t believe it still exists, White/Male “privilege” was historically a thing).

Having said that, I detest “Safe-space”, snowflake bullshit almost as much as I loathe reactionaries.





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