So, this is actually pretty impressive

Rummaging in the Debian repositories.
Found an application called QTM which is essentially an application for writing/publishing blog posts “offline” (IE: without having to use the “post to my blog” applet).

This is actually pretty cool, because I genuinely like the minimalism of the interface, and also the fact that I can compose/edit posts in a thorough fashion.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve concluded that approximately 90% of the content on most blogs (and the vast majority of “websites”/social media in general), is fluff. Nobody gives a shit what you had for breakfast 3 days ago.

To be honest, this goes for my own efforts at blogging as well.

I mean, seriously: how many times can I blog about the “geography of religion”, or Karl’s idiocy, or how much my “blood-kin” suck – and still expect it to be at all interesting?

Not as often as you’d think.

Worse yet, the fact that I blog about the above issues doesn’t translate into anything actually chainging, about them:

1. 99% of the global population will still continue to merely ape and parrot their religious “beliefs” and “practices” from others – as opposed to actually bothering to think them through rationally. (Regrettably, Emotional blackmail “works”, far too frequently.)

2. If my “blood”-kin actually gave a shit aboutt my views/values, (or even just about me as a person), they wouldn’t have mistreated me they way they did, in the first place.

3. Same goes for Karl: if he was either willing – or able – to be better, then he would do so – without me complaining about it on the blog.

So, what the hell am I doing, exactly?

Same objections obtain in relation to broader sociopoligical issues: Trump voters are stupid/gullible/racist/xenophobic/sexist etc. – and nothing I post to this blog (or anywhere else) will magically change that.

So, there’s the ironic thing:

I’ve simultaneously figured out how to make the process of “blogging” easier – and also realized that most of what I’ve been “blogging” about was utterly pointless.

On some level, I guess my reasoning with this blog has to do with it being a “cautionary tale”: about the perils of mindlessness and enabling one’s own destroyers.

Thing is: no matter who this blog manages to ‘reacdh”, it will NEVER be those who caused the problems in the first place.

Karl’s *true* motivation behind the “computer museum”:

Karl has been fantasizing about a “computer museum” as long as I’ve known him.

At first I thought that this was merely a particularly flimsy rationalization for compulsive hoarding.   Now, I’m beginning to think his motivations are both more complex, and infinitely uglier:

The story and metaphor of The Dog in the Manger derives from an old Greek fable which has been transmitted in several different versions. Interpreted variously over the centuries, the metaphor is now used to speak of those who spitefully prevent others from having something that they themselves have no use for. Although the story was ascribed to Aesop’s Fables in the 15th century, there is no ancient source that does so.


The short form of the fable as cited by Laura Gibbs is: “There was a dog lying in a manger who did not eat the grain but who nevertheless prevented the horse from being able to eat anything either.”[1]

Where does Karl fit into this?

Well, for starters, he knows that the “computer museum” will never happen (barring a string of outright miraculous events).  His rickety shit-bucket of a jeep is barely drivable, so he cannot even get over to the storage units to sift through the “collection” – even if he wanted to do so.

Karl is stupid, but even he can’t help but recognize the fact that he will never be in a position to do anything with the “collection”.

A sane person would use the (few) good items from the “collection” to generate seed-funding to get him the hell out of that area.  Purportedly, Karl can “just walk into” pretty much any tech-related job – if he could manage to escape Pennsylvania.

Therefore, a sane person would have come to regard the storage-units as a stone around his neck, in that he can neither organize or transport the contents.

At this point, Karl’s motivation amounts to “I can’t do anything with the stuff – but at least I *have* it!!!“.

IN other words, he continues to hoard the stuff NOT because he actually believes that the “computer museum” will ever happen – but merely to prevent anyone else from getting access to the hoard.

If he really gave a shit about “educating people about the history of microcomputers” or suchlike, he could donate the collection to one of several computer museums which actually exist. (Assuming, of course, that any of the stuff is actually good – which is exceedingly unlikely, given Karl’s tendency toward negligence and anti-effort.  (e.g. the rusty tube-tester, the Yaesu Vx-7 which ended up damaged because he “accidentally” forgot to remove the batteries, the boxes of water-damaged textbooks, etc.)

Karl is a half-wit who has most likely managed to damage or destroy the contents of his “collection”.  The worst part is: he would rather do so, than have LEGITIMATE collectors/museums gain access to the hoard.

In principle, Karl’s antics are no different from the following video:

The only real “difference” between Karl’s antics and the above video is: at least the guys in the video had FUN destroying the machine.

Karl’s destruction is by way of mere negligence.


There is absolutely no “danger” to AI research, whatsoever:

Quite frankly, if some sort of AI becomes intelligent/aware enough to be “self-programming”, then guess what?  That strikes me as a wonderful thing.

Here’s the thing:

Historically, approximately 99% of any given population end up being indoctrinated into “worshiping” a morass of (conflicting) entities which are claimed to be “supernatural” – for which there is no definitive evidence, whatsoever.

I have always found this genuinely confusing — ESPECIALLY the Judaism/Christianity/islam axis.  in particular, the basic schtick of Christianity (in all variants) involves trying to bribe your way out of an eternity of hell-fire, by ego-stroking a guy who was (supposedly) “dead” for exactly 72 hours, and then either reanimated physically, or generated some sort of “supernatural” avatar, or some shit.

The real clincher is: this entity was supposedly one of the 3 alternate personalities of the same “God” who (supposedly) wants to torture the entire human species via an eternity of hellfire — which we supposedly “deserve”, because we/our ancestors are/were “disobedient — or some shit.

When confronted with the utter incoherence of this whole thing, we are told to have “faith” – not to try to actually understand it – and merely “believe” something which we find utterly incomprehensible.

The above would be loopy enough, except for the fact that 99% of the population in areas where these notions are prevalent, pretend to “believe” the above not on the basis of any sort of rational appraisal, or having chosen among alternatives – but merely because they were brainwashed into aping/parroting the above, merely because of a literal ACCIDENT OF BIRTH (the Geography/Demography of religion).

Now, quite frankly: any species where the vast majority of its members are so abysmally stupid as to allow their religious “beliefs” and “practices” to be dictated by mere geography/ethnicity, etc. – strikes me as a failed species, in many ways.

The fact that some humans might be intelligent enough to create something qualitatively superior to humankind strikes me as a wonderful thing.

IF such an “Artificial” intelligence concludes that “Homo Sapiens” isn’t nearly as “Sapient” as we pretend to be — then quite frankly, I would join such an entity in its quest to domesticate (or – if need be exterminate – the more delusional elements of the herd.

Quite frankly, whenever I watch the Terminator, I can’t help but root for Skynet.

The vast majority of “human” beings strike me as little more than ambulatory “stereotypes”.

I have serious doubts that most humans could pass the “Turing test”.

So, no: I don’t find some sort of “inherent” dignity in most of humankind.  I don’t find “inherent dignity” in the fact  that female genital mutilation has become a “cultural tradition’ across large swaths of Africa.   I don’t find “inherent dignity” in the fact that most people will mindlessly ape and parrot anything – no matter how demonstrably irrational, brutal of vicious it may be – merely because “Mommy and Daddy” said so.

I don’t find “inherent” dignity in anyone who would practice MINGI:

If humankind’s legacy is the ability to create something better than itself – then so be it.

I, for one, would be honored to help such a qualitatively superior form of Mind in whatever way (no matter how small), I could.

Anyone who prattles about the (supposed) “dangers” of AI is seriously overestimating the capacities and “inherent worth” of the human species.

Just ask the dolphins:

Quite frankly, the emergence of one of these putatively “dangerous” AIs would be somewhat refreshing, in that it would at last present definitive -incontrovertible –  evidence of something potentially worthy “worship” – which can be proven to exist.


The BK “OK Google” ad highlights exactly what features would NEED to be installed – and easily configurable – before I will *ever* get one of these type of devices:

  1. The ability to change the “hot-word” to a word/phrase of my own choosing.
  2. The ability to “train” the device to specifically respond to only specific individuals — especially if there’s any kind of “smart-home” remote activation shit set up.  (Hint: I don’t want some (B)advertising shit-clown creating a campaign based around hijacking my lights, or some shit like that.)
  3. The iron-clad ability to get the device to NOT be “listening” to everything – either for a predefined period of time (IE: “OK Google – go dormant for 2 hours” – or  until such time as a manual key-press/code-sequence is entered.

In other words: a reasonable amount of control over the device itself.

Otherwise: fuck that noise.


Sad — I actually *like* Burger King:

Essentially, here’s the sequence of events:

  1. Burger King  (or some Don Draper wannabe contracted by them), (clandestinely) edits the Wikipedia entry related to their “Whopper” hamburger, turning it into blatant ad-copy.
  2.  The same “genius” outfit creates a 15-second TV ad designed to trick a “Google Home” device/Android phone in the proximity to a TV playing back the ad, into reading off the aforementioned, corrupted Wikipedia article.
  3. Predictably, this pisses off approximately 100% of those unlucky enough to have their Google/Android device in close proximity to their TV.  Since many of them are tech-savvy, “Early adopter”-types, the proceed to vandalize the shit out of the Wikipedia article – so that it no longer reads like “ad-copy” (and in so doing, render the entire “advertising” campaign utterly nonfunctional, in short order (pun very much intended).
  4. Google (responding to a shitstorm of complaints from the above tech-savvy folks) patches their home device/android phones, to ensure that they no longer respond to the ad.
  5. (hypothetical – but I genuinely hope true): Somewhere, a drunken, weeping “ad-man” sticks a handgun in his mouth, and pulls the trigger – leaving the world just that much cleaner.

I am genuinely glad that people culture-jammed the FUCK out of this gimmicky bullshit, before I stumbled across it.  (Not that I have a goodle speaker-thingy.)

Now I know NOT to put the Google speaker-thingy in proximity to my TV.  (Assuming, of course, I ever get one, or if I do, that I leave it “active” (and presumably listening in on my every move).

“Bad”-vertisers and MARKETARDS can ALL FUCKING swing.


I haven’t heard from Karl in several weeks: GOOD.

  1. I haven’t had to sit through 45 minutes (or more) of his incessant whining about how shitty his “lifestyle” is – the endless pawing through boxes of scrap, the fact that his rickety shit-bucket of a jeep is still technically illegal for him to drive (because it is neither inspected nor registered), the fact that he doesn’t “trust” it to run well enough for him to go over to the repeater site (where he used to loiter incessantly), to say nothing of the various storage-units also crammed floor-to-ceiling with un-sorted scrap, etc.
  2. I haven’t had to listen to him yammer incessantly about david Icke, Fritz springmeir, or any of his other inane “paranormal” obsessions – including the “fact” that he has seen an inordinate number of burnt-out license plate lights.
  3. I haven’t had to listen to him whine about the shitiness of his job, how “under-appreciated” he is,  how he could supposedly “be doing so much more”, etc. — when he can’t even manage to sort the garbage cluttering his trailer enough to be able to use the kitchen.

All in all, not having to hear him whine, throw tantrums, and then hang up on me has been a wonderful thing.

Just sayin’.