A (small) example of the sort of thing a REAL “news media” would cover:


Quite frankly, if the “news media” wanted to be genuinely useful in situations such as the current “Irma” situation, the absolute first thing they would do, would be to:

  1. Explain how Hurricanes work.
  2. Explain how their models work (INCLUDING information on the differences between the various models)
  3. ACTUALLY EXPLAIN how the fucking “Saffir-Simpson” scale is calibrated – including the fact that it was recently re-calibrated.
  4. Explain about sensible precautions individuals can take to be (at least somewhat more) prepared – if and when required to “shelter in place”.

(For example: why in hell aren’t the “authorities” investing time and effort into helping those who are in a (comparatively) safer location to stay where they are, instead of overburdening shelters which could be more useful to OTHER persons, whose situation actually warrants their use?

Moreover, why aren’t the “authorities” actively encouraging people to make sensible decisions as to “stocking up on supplies”?  (IE: NO FUCKING bread, milk or eggs – you stupid fucks!)

Stupidity pisses me off in general, but what pisses me off worse, is the tendency by those (notionally) in “authority” to alternate between mollycoddling the stupid, and then “shocking” them into moving in herds, whenever such herd-behavior becomes expedient.

The “Fourth Estate” should be BETTER than it is, damnit!




So….evidently somebody compiled Alex Jones’ incoherent ramblings into a “song” – which went viral……

…….and (as with everything that goes “viral” – it mutated to the point where it is an entire subgenre in its own right.

And the totally trippy part is?  Alex Jones evidently thinks that this is cool, to the point where it has become some sort of “Infowars contest”, or some shit.

The “best” version I’ve seen (using “best” very loosely) is:

I’m……genuinely confused.

Another – even more confusing) version is:

As I said, I’m…….puzzled.

Hahahahaha! PantsFull even has his own 4chan discussion-thread!



I can’t even…..I just literally cannot even…..

The best thing about Dribbles is?

His entire persona is a blatant rip-off of the movie American History X:

Literally everything about PantsFull’s shtick comes off like he’s some sort of pathetic tryhard who watched (and/or fapped frantically to) this flick, and then decided to “reinvent” himself.

PantsFull is the worst “Cosplayer” imaginable.

So…..he’s spent the last several years regurgitating some variant of “Derek’s” racist monologues from that flick.

NOW he’s going to get to do a live-action version of another scene from the film:

(Of course, in his case, it probably won’t be particularly painful, what with the fact that he used to inject meth into his anus  some years back.

I can’t help it: Piss PantsFull is the living embodiment of comedy gold!