Gonna pull one of Jeff’s comments forward, because it deserves more visibility:

In response to a post I made about “Antifa”:

The problem with Antifa is they’re part of the Hillary personality cult and they’re primarily just opposed to trump and his personality cul- er I mean his supporters. The irony here is Trump and Hillary are part of the same gang of corporatist scumfucks and the administration is following the same script no matter who is there. These idiots on all sides are actually protesting themselves. Trump’s populism, agree or disagree with his campaign positions, is nothing but a red herring, a pressure relief valve to soothe the angry mob so we can get back to the old bush-clinton-bush-obama policy of looting the masses/business as usual. There are only two reasons Trump is president: 1. His ego could fill Jupiter’s red spot 2. The glorified debt collector politicians have screwed the pooch so bad with wars and romneycare, that the puppets needed to send a puppetmaster demagogue in there to fix it.
I simply find it entertaining and interesting how the masses fell for either of their lines of shit *all the while knowing they’re both full of shit* and have gone back to their two sided political paradigm as usual. The only difference now is the corporatists have managed to turn it into a sporting event, where ideology means nothing, and everything is all about “your team” winning. And just like sports leagues, the players duke it out, the fans get their pockets picked, and the league owners run off with all the fucking money.
There are now three sides in politics: Hillary, Trump, and I Don’t Watch Sports

Definitely some merit to that.

One of the things I’ve been (vainly) trying to explain to Karl for the past several years, is the notion of “Controlled opposition’ – especially as expressed in George Orwell’s most (in)famous book, Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

For the majority who claim to have “read” the book – but who most likely misunderstood its central point:  at one point, Winston and Julia manage to stumble into two things which turn out to have been elaborate “honey-pots” deliberately engineered by the “Party”, itself:

  1. The junk-shop where Winston rents a “private” room from Mr. Charrington.
  2. Recruitment into the “Brotherhood” (by O’Brien)
  3. Winston reads (portions of) something purporting to be “Goldstein’s Book”.

Now, the thing Karl (and so many others) fail to understand about the above chain of events is this:

Neither Winston nor Julia  are either “important” enough – or even remotely capable – of posing anything tangentially resembling a “threat” to the regime.

The whole thing – Winston’s “secret” diary, the “private” room where Winston and Julia meet up for their periodic fuck-sessions, O’brien “recruiting” them into the “Brotherhood” and supplying them with “subversive” literature, etc. – is nothing but a _slightly more elaborate) version of exactly the kind of distraction/catharsis involved in the “two-minutes hate”.

Now, applying the above conceptual framework to real-world situations, it becomes (fairly) obvious that the panicky “White pride” frat-boys – every bit as much as their SJW/”Antifa”/BLM “opponents” – are essentially distractions/catharsis which permit – hell, even encourage – a (rigidly circumscribed) window of “ideological debate”, backed up with (equally circumscribed) spurts of violence and mayhem _NONE of which is any sort of threat to the 1% (or their post-nation-state, corporate plutonomy).

The entire “identitarian” enterprise is reinforced – both implicitly and explicitly – by requiring individuals to self-identify as one of a variety of pre-designated identity “groups”:

“White”, “Black”, “Hispanic”, etc.

Multi-racial (or more exactly, POST-“racial”) individuals are – implicitly and explicitly – erased.

Even when such “ambiguous” individuals are (reluctantly) acknowledged, it is still within a context where the social construct/mass delusion of “race” ends up being reified, and – to that extent – validated.

This is where the long-term plan for saving humanity from the “Identitarian” blight comes into play:

This involves (at minimum):

  1. More “transgressive” relationships (resulting in more “racially”-ambiguous offspring)., coupled with:
  2. Men/Women who are capable of “passing” for “White” to make a point of getting involved in relationships (social and/or sexual) with even the most bigoted filth (such as Craig Cobb).

The most probably result of this long-term?

More of  THIS sort of thing:



“Racism” will become impossible only when “race” becomes impossible to determine.






Yet another epic failure for the “Libertarian” movement: “Saving” Piss Pantsfull’s life:

Yet another good summation of the problem:


PantsFull loves to play himself up as some kind of super-hardcore Aryan “race”-warrior or some shit.  In REALITY he was (up until a few years ago) a dumpy fuck whose “political activism” consisted primarily of wandering around Keene, New Hampshire with his (equally douche-baggy “squad”), so they could make videos of one another  harassing meter-maids, and “feeding” nearly-expired parking meters.

Now, the abysmally stupid thing about this “Robin Hood” bullshit was this: The Evil statist jack-booted thugs were STILL getting paid (albeit mere coins, instead of whatever the fines happen to be in Keene, New Hampshire.)

This douche-bag’s “activism” would be equivalent of some guy claiming to be a “tax protester” NOT because he actually refuses to pay taxes – but merely because he makes it a point to take any and all permissible deducations, or gives helps others do so.

Plus, is it just me, or harrassing meter-maids pretty much the epitome of “low-hanging fruit?”

My point is: he pretends that absent his current AnarchoFascistoLibertarianRadCap “activism”, he would most likely ended up as a spree killer or some shit.

Quite frankly, nobody who has actually seen his picture from “back in the day” (IE: 2014), could even BEGIN to take such claims seriously:

Here’s the reality:  Piss Pantsful is exactly what he has always been: an abysmally stupid, cowardly, drunken/drug-addled piece of sub-human shit, who – by his own admission – used to INJECT METH DIRECTLY INTO HIS OWN ANUS.

He is too pervasively undisciplined to ever stand a chance of even participating in any genuine “revolutionary” cadre or organization.

He is a laughing-stock, and deserves only ridicule and contempt from his opponents.

The other reality is: he will most likely end up being convicted for his antics in charlottesville – after which he will most likely be imprisoned as punishment for said antics.

Unless he is placed in “protective custody”, he will most likely end up being raped repeatedly, and/or shanked.

Why?   Because he’s a poseur (like the rest of the “HIpster”-fascist assholes attending that shit-show in Virginia.

Then again, he might find a way to worm his way out of facing legal consequences for his actions -in which case he will most likely end up “reverting” to something resembling the fat, dumpy, drug-addled/drunken train-wreck resembling his Ca. 2014 self — with the added “bonus” that everybody in his current “hometown” (and everywhere else, for that matter) will regard him as DANGEROUS SUB-ANIMAL TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS.

There’s no way back from this kind of on-line “fame”.

Just ask Becky Wegner Rommel:



Watch this film. They knew how to call out these white “pride” fucks back in the day! :)

I’ll say it again, and I stand by it:

I have NEVER met a White “pride” activist who wasn’t a worthless piece of sub-human shit.

From my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother, to Bill Riccio, to that imbecile Craig Cobb –  that whimpering little bitch Jason Kessler (fleeing for his “lilfe” – and undoubtedly pissing himself as he did so! – a thing of beauty.)

They are all – without exception – EXACTLY the sort of degenerate sub-animals they accuse Non-Whites of being.

Oh, and as for the whimpering over how destroying statues “honoring” traitorous fucking Confederate filth “destroys history?”

Here’s some history for ya:

So much for your “heroes”, you needle-dick “racialist” pus-bags!

Now, notice something:

There’s a commonality between all of these bigoted little shits (up to and including Dribbles Pantsfill, himself): they’re all bad-ass in PACKS, but can barely keep from shitting themselves when they’re OUTNUMBERED.

Exactly what is so “admirable” about these sub-animals, again?


Wasting time communicating with Karl will NOT lead to any of the following:

Karl is not a useful source of informaiton on:

1. Electronics
2. Computers
3. Amateur radio
4. Politics
5. Religion
6. Conspiracy/”Fringe” topics

Karl is also not:

1. Fun to talk to
2. Good at conversation
3. Interested in/curious about me/my wife
4. Clever
5. Witty
6. Entertaining
7. Amusing

The longer I refrain from Communicating with Karl, the less I am inclined toward doing so.

Karl was never my “friend”. At most, he a total asshole with whom I was unfortunate enough to become acquainted.


“Quasi-Trotskyite?” Seriously?

My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother tended to yip-yap about the (purported) virtues of favoring specific individuals on the basis if mere consanguinity.  His “reason” for doing so?  An attempt to morally disarm his primary victims – his “kin”.

I freely admit that my “parents” were too stupid to refrain from breeding/  Having said that, they were also too stupid to “parent” in any substantive sense of the term.

As to the other bullshit contained i the “comment” which I trashed?  What the fuck gives you the idea that the fact that I happen to be ‘bearded” somehow implies that I am a “hipster?”

Consanguinity is fucking worthless, in and of itself.  The only ones who “gain” by such “blood”-fetishism are those with a desperate need for a means to manipulate their VICTIMS by way of undeserved guilt.

You still failed to address my basic point: WHY should I – or anyone else – PRIVILEGE one specific junkie imbecile, MERELY on the basis of consanguinity (“blood”?)

I find it amusing when racist sub-animals (who are incapable of rationality) attempt to “argue” for their bigotry.

Trust me: I’ve heard all of the “arguments” (excuses) put forward by racist/”kinship”-fetishists.  ALL of them fail, because they never answer the fundamental point:

If anything, imbeciles who were TOO STUPID to refrain from breeding “accidentally”,  to negligent to actually bother “parenting” – and too short-sighted to “resort” to adoption – deserve NO respect, on any of those 3 counts.

To claim otherwise, is to claim that the infant abandoned by one of those negligent teens (in a dumpster, out back of the prom), somehow “owes” something to the one who abandoned it.


I don’t buy it.  Mere consanguinity means nothing.

Quite frankly, the fact that you would think that this had anything to do either with Trotsky, or the (incidental) fact that I happen to (currently) have a beard is……somewhere between amusing and pathetic.