Wasting time communicating with Karl will NOT lead to any of the following:

Karl is not a useful source of informaiton on:

1. Electronics
2. Computers
3. Amateur radio
4. Politics
5. Religion
6. Conspiracy/”Fringe” topics

Karl is also not:

1. Fun to talk to
2. Good at conversation
3. Interested in/curious about me/my wife
4. Clever
5. Witty
6. Entertaining
7. Amusing

The longer I refrain from Communicating with Karl, the less I am inclined toward doing so.

Karl was never my “friend”. At most, he a total asshole with whom I was unfortunate enough to become acquainted.


“Quasi-Trotskyite?” Seriously?

My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother tended to yip-yap about the (purported) virtues of favoring specific individuals on the basis if mere consanguinity.  His “reason” for doing so?  An attempt to morally disarm his primary victims – his “kin”.

I freely admit that my “parents” were too stupid to refrain from breeding/  Having said that, they were also too stupid to “parent” in any substantive sense of the term.

As to the other bullshit contained i the “comment” which I trashed?  What the fuck gives you the idea that the fact that I happen to be ‘bearded” somehow implies that I am a “hipster?”

Consanguinity is fucking worthless, in and of itself.  The only ones who “gain” by such “blood”-fetishism are those with a desperate need for a means to manipulate their VICTIMS by way of undeserved guilt.

You still failed to address my basic point: WHY should I – or anyone else – PRIVILEGE one specific junkie imbecile, MERELY on the basis of consanguinity (“blood”?)

I find it amusing when racist sub-animals (who are incapable of rationality) attempt to “argue” for their bigotry.

Trust me: I’ve heard all of the “arguments” (excuses) put forward by racist/”kinship”-fetishists.  ALL of them fail, because they never answer the fundamental point:

If anything, imbeciles who were TOO STUPID to refrain from breeding “accidentally”,  to negligent to actually bother “parenting” – and too short-sighted to “resort” to adoption – deserve NO respect, on any of those 3 counts.

To claim otherwise, is to claim that the infant abandoned by one of those negligent teens (in a dumpster, out back of the prom), somehow “owes” something to the one who abandoned it.


I don’t buy it.  Mere consanguinity means nothing.

Quite frankly, the fact that you would think that this had anything to do either with Trotsky, or the (incidental) fact that I happen to (currently) have a beard is……somewhere between amusing and pathetic.


Yeah….I’m obviously “that guy”:

So, I’ve been rather intensively attempting to actually learn something about computers, by way of the following (rather circuitous) route

First, I’m running debian.  I am fully aware that there are petabytes worth of other Linux distribuitons around, but fundamentally,  all of those distros fall into one of the following broad categories:

Debian/Red-hat derivs.


In other words: there is Debian and Redhat (“Fedora” is not substantively different from redhat, except inasmuch as it is “community” driven, and lacks the “tech support” offered by Redhat corporation, itself.)

Those are the two primary “base”-distributions from which broad “families” of other distros ultimately derive.

A lot of these other “distros” either begin as somebody thinking “wow, I halfway like Debian/Redhat etc. — but I think such-and-such should be done differently.”

That’s what I’ve concluded: most other “distros” at least start out as “tweaked” versions of either Debian, or Redhat.  (Again, I can’t really bring myself to take the “Fedora vs. redhad” distinction seriously).

Now, I’ve used both “families” of distros in the past — Linux Mint, Ubuntu, “Scientific Linux” , MEPIS, etc.

So yeah, I did the (infamous) “distro-hopping” thing.

So, why did I settle on Debian, then?

Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be that difficult to base an entire “distro”  — at least the prototype version — by somebody “tweaking” their debian install the way they like it, and then creating an instal image from that.  It wouldn’t even ben difficult to continue using debian’s repositories, if you wanted to.

At any rate, yeah, I finally decided to stabilize on Debian, because it is basically the “base” distro from which a mind-bogglingly vast array of more specialized (or straight-out gimmicky?) distros derive.

In fact, that’s the first – and most fundamental — thing to understand if you’re going to go to a site like Distrowatch: probably the first thing to take note of when examining any “distro” is: what do project-leader/project-team regard as its ‘base”?

For example: both Ubuntu and Mepis began as “tweaked” versions of Debian, and — in fact — continue to use the Debian package management (.deb packages).

This is, of course, not to say that anything which began as (merely) a customized Debian variant/”unnoficial” fork etc., will continue to be fully compatible with Debian, itself.

Over time, the amount of “tweaks” done tend to – cumulatively — lead to what I can best describe as “subspecies” — the fact that something which began as essentially a “snapshot” of somebody’s dream version of Debian (or Red Hat) ends up being not entirely compatible (by “default”).

A great example of what can happen with this is even mentioned in Debian’s docs:


Now, here’s the thing:

Outside of the Debian/Redhat “famlies” of distros, there are weird things which I’m personally not interesting (at this time) in playing around with.

The two most obvious are Slackware and Gentoo.

As an added level of precaution/convenience, since my system has two physical hard drives installed, during the last installation, I decided to install the “home” directories on the 500 GB drive, and have all of the “system”-related stuff on the other.

That way, if something goes horribly wrong, I can simply reinstall without damaging my “home” directory, and suchlike.

At least, that’s the theory.  🙂

(Yes, I realize I need to do periodic backups — especially of stuff I don’t want to risk losing).

But yeah…it appears that I am (gradually) doing pretty much what everybody else does, when they leave the Micro$oft “playpen”.





Did you ever wonder what Karl would be like if he had actual skills?

He’d probably be somewhat like Richard Stallman.

Here is an off-site link to Stallman’s publicity-packet thingy:


Richard Stallman is a very strange man.  Having said that, he has actually done an amazingly  valuable thing by springboarding both the FLOSS (Free, Libre, Open-source Software) and “Free culture” movements.  These have both  fueled the “IP Skeptic”/pro-public domain movement.

At any rate, Stallman’s personal idiosyncracies are actually pretty charming and “eccentric”, as compared to Karl (Ka3rcs).  Plus, he devised  the GNU variant of EMACS, which is just about the most convoluted and over-developed text editor in history. 🙂

Plus, the “Friendly parrot” thing is…..funny?  I dunno.


Another instance of mollycoddling hypocritical “subcultures”:

In some of the subcultures Ward studied, straight MSM were able to reinterpret homosexual identity as actually strengthening their heterosexual identities. So it was with Silva’s subjects as well — they found ways to cast their homosexual liaisons as reaffirming their rural masculinity. One way they did so was by seeking out partners who were similar to them. “This is a key element of bud-sex,” writes Silva. “Partnering with other men similarly privileged on several intersecting axes—gender, race, and sexual identity—allowed the participants to normalize and authenticate their sexual experiences as normatively masculine.” In other words: If you, a straight guy from the country, once in a while have sex with other straight guys from the country, it doesn’t threaten your straight, rural identity as much as it would if instead you, for example, traveled to the nearest major metro area and tried to pick up dudes at a gay bar.


TL;DR: Sometimes, stereotypical “redneck’ dudes/White Suburbanites  ass-fuck one another/suck one another off, etc.  Then they go home to their wives and children, and (most likely) bitch and whine  about the “gay agenda”.

Now, I’m definitely no fan of “gay-bashing”, but….I can’t help thinking that the world would be just a bit better if some of these slimy, hypocritical, closet-cases ended up dead, and stuffed into somebody’s crawlspace.


Well, ,maybe not that, but….in some ways, these “not-gay-but-sometimes-we-suck-each-other-off-out-in-the barn”-types are the most “faggy”, of all:

Used by J.D. Salinger, in the first chapter of ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ , roughly in the same sense of definition 5 by deniseitsdenise, i.e. weak, powerless
You couldn´t see the grandstand too hot, but you could hear them all yelling, deep and terrific on the Pencey side, because practically the whole school except me was there, and scrawny and FAGGY on the Saxon Hall side, beacuse the visiting team hardly ever brought many people with them