Even the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR admits what should be blatantly obvious:



As I’ve said before: the fact that “religion” and “geography” have anything at ALL to do with one another should be enough to flatly discredit the professed “beliefs” of the 90+% of the population who insist on aping/parroting whatever superstitious nonsense was perpetrated on them by their parents.

Why?   If any of them genuinely ‘believed” any of it, then they could do in isolation — or even against the prevailing “groupthink” of any given area.

The truly bone-evil thing about this is: even those who claim to be ‘believers” tacitly acknowledge it:




Fuck it.  I could go on.  I could point out the mere coincidence that there just happen to be a significant number of “devout” Hindus on the Indian subcontinent — and significantly fewer Hindus in Mississippi.

I could point to the existence of the “Muslim World”.

I could point to distinctively “Chinese” religions (Religious Taoism, Falun Gong, etc.) — but doing so will most likely result in the so-called “believers” evading the uncomfortable fact that those oh-so-precious “beliefs” and “practices” have vanishingly little to do with a rational appraisan of the truth-claims of their specific ‘faith”, and INFINITELY MORE to do with THE ACCIDENT OF GEOGRAPHY.

Billy-Bob is a Baptist because Billy-Bob was born in the “Bible-Belt“.

Of course, once you admit that the whole fucking thing is essentially GEOGRAPHY GONE MAD, then you must ALSO admit that all the torture and slaughter inflicted on “unbelievers”, “heretics” etc. was over a mere accident of geography.

I find that fucking horrifying, myself.




Stupid Trump-supporter *and* a hypocrite (go figure):

For her part, Helen says she has gone through the legal immigration process, though in a different way.

She said she flew from her home in Greece to Chicago legally when she was 10, coming with an aunt to visit Helen’s sister. She decided to stay after her visa expired, not fully understanding immigration laws, and went to school in Chicago.

Twelve years later, she flew back to Greece because her dad was fighting cancer. And four months after that, she realized that she couldn’t return to the U.S. because she’d become an illegal immigrant.


So, she said, she flew to Canada and crossed the U.S. border with the driver’s license that she’d obtained when she was 16. She said she also had a Social Security card that was marked “not valid for employment.” It was 1991.

Then in 1993, she made an appointment with the U.S. Embassy in Greece, where she came back to Athens, went through some paperwork and gained a legal visa to enter the U.S. In 2002, she said, she gained citizenship.

The only ting which would make this more deliciously wonderful, is if she is also a gun-owner, who decides to deep-throat her own weapon, from sheer despair at her (self-inflicted) predicament.

Predictrably, the stupid cunt believes that she and her (border-jumper) husband are different from “Those people”:

Now she is dealing with calls from around the country, apparently from both Trump supporters and opponents, who say things like, “Well, that’s what you get for voting for Trump.”

She wants all the people who are quick to respond hatefully to consider all of the details.

“There’s a lot of racism out there, and it needs to stop,” she said, adding that skin color “doesn’t make you a killer or a bad person.”

“People need a chance to show who they are,” she said.

Actually, the “details” are pretty clear: former illegal alien is married to a current illegal alien, who is now going to be deported, as per the campaign promises of the guy she voted for.

Again, I love it.  I really, really, really love it.


Stupid bitch votes for Trump — and gets exactly what she deserves

The owner of a popular Granger restaurant, Roberto Beristain, has signed papers agreeing to be deported, possibly any day now.

His wife, Helen Beristain, said that Roberto told her in a brief call Thursday from an Illinois detention facility that he figures: “I’m going to do this the right way.”

Their story has drawn national attention — and threats and calls to Eddie’s Steak Shed — particularly since Helen has said she voted for President Donald Trump. Now, she says she regrets that vote.


“I wish I didn’t vote at all,” Helen Berestain said Friday. “I did it for the economy. We needed a change.”

She recalls that Roberto had complained, “He’s going to get rid of the Mexicans.”

But she countered with Trump’s words, that he would deport only the “bad hombres.”

The Beristains, she said, were all for deporting illegal immigrants who were criminals, bringing drugs or abusing the system, “but not to get rid of all the people. This is not what America is, the land of the free.”

“It’s regular people,” she said of who’s being deported. “It doesn’t mean they are bad. They need to draw a line.”

She also revealed that she, like her husband, had once been an illegal immigrant, though now she is a U.S. citizen. She is originally from Greece.

She said they will continue to try, as they have “many” times, to legally fix Roberto’s immigration status.

Roberto Beristain, 43, who has lived in Mishawaka with Helen and three of their children, has been detained since Feb. 6 when he checked in, as he does every year, with officials from the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

He’s held a voluntary deportation order since 2000, after he and Helen inadvertently crossed the Canada border while visiting Niagra Falls, and agents discovered that he was in the U.S. illegally. Beristain, who is Mexican, opted to stay since he was concerned about, Helen, who had high blood pressure and was pregnant with their daughter.

By working with ICE agents, he was able to gain a work permit, driver’s license and a Social Security number marked “Valid only with Department of Homeland Security authorization.”

He’d worked at Eddie’s Steak Shed for eight years until January, when he bought and took over the restaurant from his wife’s sister. It employs about 20 people.

What’s unclear is when or how he would actually be transported back to Mexico. ICE had informed one of his attorneys that it could be as early as Friday.



I love it!

I genuinely, genuinely, GENUINELY love it!

So, the stupid cunt (who was an “illegal immigrant”, herself at one point), voted for Trump – thinking he would only go after “those” people.

I hope this stupid cunt cries herself to sleep every night for the next ten years, while her husband is stuck in Mexico.



The number of each “kind” that were to be brought on Noah’s Ark during the global flood is inconsistent within the Bible. The contradiction can be found between Genesis 6 and Genesis 7 when God is telling Noah the number of animals he is to bring. Furthermore, the passage in Genesis 7 is an anachronism in biblical chronology, because which animals are clean and which are unclean was only revealed in laws given to Moses after the exodus of Israelites from Egypt.

Biblical scholars have several different models for the origins of the Bible, including Genesis. One model is the documentary hypothesis, which holds that the Bible was assembled from multiple independent sources, each written centuries apart from the others, in a process of redaction. This means that one or more ancient Jews “spliced” different versions of different stories into one long book (or rather, five longish books), resulting in noticeable duplications and contradictions (such as the separate creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2, and of course, the issues discussed on this page). Another possibility is that the Bible did begin as a single narrative, and over the centuries various stories, rules, and commentaries were added and subtracted to it — rather like a wiki. Either way, it is believed that the command to bring seven pairs of clean animals was a later variation, added to the story so that Noah has some clean animals to sacrifice at the end without making them extinct.


And…..they wonder why they’ve lost all credibility outside of their own shitty, crumbling cults.


Extrapolate THIS, to pretty much everything else from “religion” or “mythology”:

The most common non-solution thrown out by creationists at this point is “Goddidit” — God provided the wood, held its planks together, etc. This opens the door for a number of gaping plot holes:

  • If God magicked high-quality trees for Noah to chop down, why didn’t he simply magic the entire boat into existence? Noah was a several-hundred-year-old senior citizen — and no carpenter. Why make him suffer?
  • On top of that, why not will something a bit more technologically impressive? Surely an all-powerful, all-knowing deity could come up with something better than a cramped, rickety wooden boat that’s rotten before it hits the water? Wouldn’t materializing a high-tech super submarine or goddamn spaceship be a far more efficient means to convince future generations? And for that matter, why is saving the animals even necessary? If you have the power to magic anything into existence, why not just magic the animals back into existence after you are done flooding the Earth. After all, you did it once before, so why not just do it again?