religious/familial pathologies go together: that’s the whole point

As I’ve covered elsewhere in the blog, my views of “organized” religion have been shaped (at least in part) by my having grown up in so-called “Pennsylvania Dutch Country”.

That region brings the whole “geography of religion” thing into stark visibility, to the point where the only way anyone could fail to “notice” it, would be if that individual tacitly assumes that the Cosmos “ends” at the border with Maryland.

Oh sure, people subconsciously acknowledge the existence of other places (Ohio, Kansas, California, Mexico etc. – but up until (comparatively) recently, that area had somehow managed to remain one of those (overwhelmingly “White”) regions where the fabled “Melting Pot” simply hadn’t “melted” anybody all that much.

For one thing, the actual indigenous population of that region (the various so-called “Indian” tribes) had – as per S.O.P during the “settlement” of this continent – either been “accidentally” exterminated (by European diseases for which they had no immunity), forcibly resettled, or simply slaughtered en masse if they attempted to resist – after which the ancestral lands of such “savages” were opened up to “settlement”, by populations who – by any rational criterion – were the dregs, failures and “Drop-outs” of “White” Europe.

We can all attempt to pretty this up, but the fact is: in the overwhelming majority of cases: “Immigrants” – whether “legal” or “illegal” – wouldn’t leave their “homeland”, unless something had gone disastrously wrong.

Whether we’re talking about Irish immigrants fleeing the Potato Famine, or the myriad of other European immigrants whose desperate desire to escape grinding poverty is euphemistically described as a desire for “opportunity” – in the vast majority of cases, the ancestors of “White” Americans invaded (er, I mean “Settled”) this continent for exactly the same reasons immigrates (both “legal” and ilegal) do today.

Typically, they are attempting to escape one (or more) of the following:

  1. Poverty
  2. Famine
  3. Disease
  4. War
  5. Political/religious/”ethnic”/tribal brutality
  6. Class/caste-based brutality

In any case, the desire to emigrate is not typically motivated by mere whim.

Having said that, it is sometimes motivated by delusion.

Pennsylvania “Dutch” country is infested with two Ethno-religious subcultures which are (virtually) unknown anywhere else: the Amish and Mennonites.

Now the weirdly counter-intuitive thing about the above two groups is: the more overtly primitive, isolated and inbred group (the Amish), actually originated as a splinter-sect of the (slightly) less primitive, isolated and inbred group (the Mennonites).

(Don’t get me wrong: I actually have something of a “soft-spot” for Mennonites: in particular, one family.  However, that doesn’t change the underlying reality of their particular subculture.

As a rough (but accurate) simplification, the Amish (mostly) don’t use any technology developed after the mid-19th century in their non-business affairs (IE: they are the only reason the local Wal-marts “need” hitching-posts).

They’re not stupid enough to refrain from using otherwise-forbidden technologies during business ventures, however.  (Another tacit confirmation of the Libertarian claim that Capitalism erodes ethnic/religious idiocy).

The Amish resort to weird bullshit like this:

The use of the “community phone” or “phone shanty” was permitted beginning in the 1950s, when more Amish were forced to go into businesses and hotels to use phones for emergency purposes and to contact doctors, dentists, veterinarians and food dealers. This community phone building, which often resembles an outhouse, is typically built at the end of a farm lane and shared by several neighboring families. The objective of this concept was to allow access, but maintain distance. Hence, the phone is not in the house and the number is unlisted, to be used essentially for necessary outgoing calls, not socializing.

(Notice how the “tourism” pukes take pains to put a “positive” spin on what any sane person would regard as an idiotic delusion laced with hypocrisy.

(TL;DR: any “Englisher” – Non-Amish – who permits his Amish “neighbor” to use his telephone/consents to driving any of the inbred, cultic fucks around in a motor-vehicle etc. – is functioning as the equivalent of a shabbos goy:

By doing so, he or she is actively profiting off of hypocrisy, by enabling such “neighbors” to get away with violating their STUPID FUCKING TRIBAL TABOOS, if and when such idiotic taboos prove to be “impractical”.

This permits – hell, even encourages – inbred cultic pseudo-cultures (such as the Amish and Hasidic Jews) to never face the consequences of actually living up to their stupid taboos.

(Hint:  IF owning a telephone is “wrong” for the “reasons” invoked by such inbred, pinhead trash, then your “English” neighbor’s ownership of a telephone is “wrong” for exactly the same reason.

In principle, I see no difference between an Amish guy side-stepping the Amish prohibition against telephones in the house by using his “English” neighbor’s telephone – and somebody hiring a hit-man to commit murder, instead of committing the murder him-or-herself.

If it’s wrong “for you”/your “tribe”, why is it NOT wrong “for them”, too?

Moreover, doesn’t sidestepping tribal taboos of this kind amount to a tacit endorsement of exactly the sort of “cultural relativism” anti-Leftists are always complaining about?

More in the next post…..






How did the Junkie psychopath “happen?”

I’ve never been able to buy into the Bad seed notion – the idea that some individuals are just “biologically’ evil.

Then again, that begs the question of how something like my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother is “created”: what sequence of familial/social/personal failures result in a morbidly-obese, racist, heroin-addicted chain-smoker?

Some thoughts come to mind:

  1. Under her (flimsy) veneer of “civility” and “politeness”, my so-called “mother” is actually a virulently racist shrew of a woman

She never willingly associates with Non-Whites, and is apt to make asinine comments (in “private”, of course), about how Blacks “smell weird”, or how “Orientals” make her nervous, or suchlike.

Her antipathy toward “Orientals” (her characteristic term) supposedly originates from all the Anti-“Jap” propaganda she claims to have seen/heard/read during her childhood, around World War II.  (I find exceedingly difficult to believe).

At any rate, my “mother” is essentially a covert racist.

At least the junkie psychopath has the “decency” to be open about his idiotic babbling and delusions.

2. The Morbid obesity and chain-smoking?  Many – if not most – of my “blood” relatives, from BOTH my parents’ families.

3. The drug addiction is also (fairly) easy to understand (given that many of my relatives  are drunks, heroin/meth/crack-heads,  and/or what is now called “Pillbillies”.

So, yeah: my idiot, heroin-addict half-brother is pretty much exactly like many of my other “kin”.

That doesn’t excuse any of it, however.

There are basically two variants of “role model”:

“Role-models” can serve as examples of what to be – or what not to be.

For example, largely, my Dad was an example of how not to be.  (The eerie thing is….once he got his own shit sorted out, thanks to his most-recent wife, I discovered that we are actually weirdly similar, in some ways.)

I think I’m off-topic.



Fine: I have absolutely no “compassion”, whatsoever.

My idiot, heroin-addict half-brother’s antics have finally “come home to roost”, in that the stupid fuck now has metastatic lung-cancer (which has also invaded other organs – spleen, stomach, etc.

His primary enabler, my (so-called) “Mother” – sent me an email whining about it – a desperately transparent ploy to tug my “heartstrings”.

The thing is, I have absolutely no “compassion” to give – especially not to that stupid fuck.

See, over the last several decades, a significant number of my “blood” kin (all of whom “just happened” to smoke like fucking chimneys) have ended up with one (or more) of the following:

  1. Cancer (my great-aunt Joyce, Aunt Karen, Uncle Ted)
  2. Respiratory issues (COPD/Asthma) – my “mother”, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, etc.
  3. Strokes (my “mother”, great-grandmother)
  4. Cardiovascular diseases (EVERYBODY mentioned above)

Yeah, the typical excuse to hand-wave the above pattern away involves the nonsequitur that it is technically possible to develop each and every one of these health conditions and still have been a “nonsmoker”.

This is the standard “talking-point” drilled into these stupid fucking addicts by the Tobacco companies, over the past several decades).

At any rate, the really stupid thing (even above the health-related pattern I just mentioned above) has to be the fact that the stupid fucking heroin addict has systematically pissed through pretty much every dime he has ever had, to the point where he is literally incapable of ever moving out of my Mom’s house (well, except maybe to ahospice). 🙂

See, back in 1990/91, the stupid fuck neglected to pay rent on the apartment where he was living, and was just short of being evicted (and – as a result – homeless).  At the time, he worked nights in a meat-packing plant (because that was basically the only place that would hire a morbidly-obese, high-school dropout.)

Mom “allowed” him to move back into her house (on the strict condition that it was only to be for ONE YEAR, and that he actually go to rehab).

Did he do this?

It’s 2017, and the stupid fuck still lives there.

Hmm…..2017 – 1990 = twenty-six years.

All during that time, the stupid fuck has managed to be involved with a veritable menagerie  of “women” (almost exclusively, skanky drug-whores -since they are basically the only sort of “women” who would allow something like him to fuck them even once, let alone attempt any sort of “relationship” with a fat, racist, chain-smoking junkie.)

During this time, the stupid fuck has also managed to stumble his way from the job at the meat-packing plant, to an equally impressive “job” as a pizza-delivery driver.

You might be wondering: what vehicle(s) has he used for this?

Not the (shitty, broken-down) rust-bocket of a “sports-car”.

Not the (equally rusted-out wreck of a “truck”.

No: “his” vehicles have exclusively – and without exception – actually been owned by my “mother” (either her “older” car, when Frank decided to buy them a newer one, or that newer one after the junkie managed to destroy the previous vehicle through utter negligence – eventually BOTH Frank’s truck (after Frank was dead) – and “Mom’s” better car (once she was too terrified about her failing vision, to risk driving anywhere.)

ALL THE WHILE he has also squandered mind-boggling amounts of money – either on heroin, or “ciga-butts”.  (Yeah, the stupid fucking sub-animal believes that euphemism to be “cute”.)

Now the stupid fuck has metastatic lung cancer, and my “mother” (mistakenly) belived that I would actually be able to feel “sympathy” for the worthless piece of subhuman shit-nugget.

Sure: let’s  just “forget” the endless tantrums, screaming meltdowns, threats of violence, endless “White power” diatribes, theft, lying, insults, condescension, manipulation, the fact that it accused my wife and I of attempting to MURDER my own mother (for her recently-dead husband’s insurance money), and then PHYSICALLY ATTACKED ME IN MY OWN “MOTHER’S” DRIVEWAY.

Let’s ALSO “forget” that BOTH of them subsequently lied to the cops, during a “Wellness”-check instigated by my wife and I several hours later.

Let’s also just “forget” the fact that the last thing the stupid fuck ever said (or rather BELLOWED) at me was the “command” to “Get the fuck back in the house!”

Let’s just “forget” all of that, now that the stupid fuck’s antics have come home to roost.

(On the bright side, the stupid sub-animal has finally managed to lose some weight!) 🙂

I (half-heartedly) wonder what my so-called “Mother” will do, after her ACCOMPLICE is dead.  (I don’t give a shit – I genuinely hope her remaining years are filled with loneliness and despair.

Quite frankly, both of them have earned everything that’s on their respective horizons – in SPADES.






Not my FUCKING problem:

“But…he’s you’re Brother!”

No it isn’t.  It is – at most – a mere HALF-SIBLING.  As such (even granting – strictly for the sake of argument – that mere consanguinity means a FUCKING THING – that “half”-ness dilutes the burden imposed by such “kinship” –

If your claim is that I am somehow beholden to that particular drug-addled psychopath merely on the basis of an accident of birth, then doesn’t that ALSO obtain, with regard to my OTHER “half-siblings”.

The Enabling CuntPig (my so-called “Mother”) weirdly, never seemed to invoke my sanguinary “debt” with regard to THOSE half-siblings — only in regard to her Junkie FirstBorn.


Now, the witless shrew gets to reap the harvest of decade upon decade of self-induced blindness (or direct Enabling):

  1. She gets’ to watch her special little junkie psychopath DIE (preferably both in agony AND wallowing in its own filth)
  2. She THEN gets to live out the remainder of her above-ground Existence alone and disavowed – by her surviving offspring – knowing full well the exact sequence of events (evasions?  Enabling?  Dishonesty?  LYING TO THE FUCKING COPS, etc….) which led to that result.

Don’t get me wrong: I totally “get”what she was trying to do:

The e-mails were a (desperate) attempt at “fishing for sympathy”, because the drug-addled FUCK she’s spent decades mollycoddling has FINALLY begun to reap the consequences of its antics.

I stopped even pretending to “love” either of them after the fiasco back in 2013, and now the stupid bitch tries to pull some tear-jerker bullshit because her accomplice has finally (conclusively) ended up “facing the music” for the first time in its so-called “life?”

Bitch, please.



Let’s play a game!

Assume (just for the sake of argument), that I were to somehow find out that Ray (the mandolin-playing Kiddie-diddler) had been shanked to death in jail.

I would (correctly) have absolutely no “sympathy” for the worthless, child-molesting piece of shit.

What the fuck is up with this “Hitler needs a hug?”, Kumbayah BULLSHIT, where we’re all “supposed” to get all misty-when (richly deserved) consequences end up biting someone in the ass?

ESPECIALLY when that “someone” happens to be “blood kin”?

I am incapable of the level of stupidity and abject belly-crarwling involved in giving “Blood-kin” a free pass.

WHY “should” I be enslaved (even emotionally) to the vices of subhuman filth, MERELY because of what was LITERALLY an ACCIDENT OF BIRTH?

Again: fuck that noise.